plaster issues

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    Help from the experts please? Black algae vs replaster?

    First let me preface this by saying that I suck at pool work... I've been trying and last year I did well keeping up with levels. This year is a different story. The electrical conduit that runs out to the pool rotted away - The upper part of the cartridge filter cracked open - Then the lower...
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    Staining and Cracking in Plaster Pool

    Hello All, My first post! Recently, we drained our plaster pool after it had been unopened for 3 seasons. We wanted to do an acid wash and start using the pool again. It rained yesterday and I noticed some red spots forming in areas of the floor where the water would not dry. Is this some sort...
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    Choosing our pool finish - plaster vs. Pebble Fina vs. Wet Edge Primera Stone

    New to TFP, and I’ve read several posts about pool finishes here so we’ve at least narrowed it down some. My quandary is picking our finish between white plaster, Pebble Fina, or Wet Edge Primera Stone. As you can tell we want a smooth pool finish. I know the other two upgraded choices will...
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    I can see blue through my pool plaster 😬

    I can see blue through my pool plaster on some of the shallow areas and around the pool under the tile around the rim. Is this a problem and if so what needs to be done about it? A few pics are attached