plaster damage

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    Hole in pool plaster

    Hi, All. I just recently purchased a home with a pool. We noticed a hole in the plaster today (pictures attached), but not sure what it could be from. The pool was empty when we noticed it. When looking at it, it looked like there was a line of water seeping through the plaster. Could someone...
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    Plaster has started bubbling and chipping

    I am new here, but recently started taking care of my pool with the TFP method, and its going amazing! My chemicals have been balanced and i honestly love doing it. I recently emptied my pool and refilled it, it had been about 5 years so it was time for fresh water. This was about a month ago...
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    Is this a problem with plaster?

    Hi, our pool is only 1 year old, and I noticed this black spot in the deep end when it was first built, but seems like maybe it's a bit larger now. Dove down for a closer look, and it feels smooth and indented, like a spot about the size of a quarter with plaster missing? Is this something...
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    Can someone tell me what this scary junk is?

    The brown/red thing is protruding about 3/4 inch from the side
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    Pool Cracks

    I've inherited a pool with a concrete base and fiberglass sides that. There are some relatively thin cracks in the shallow end. Are these just plaster cracks that can be filled in, or do I need to do any more intensive structural repairs? If they can just be filled in, how much would I expect to...
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    Cracks on plaster or gunite?

    Entry deleted
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    Acid washing pebble tec

    I am doing research on the effects of acid washing pebble tec. A couple of years ago, my pool guy - who I trusted implicitly - suggested acid washing my pebble tec plaster. He said it would brighten it up. Ok. Sounded good. Well, it appears not. My plaster is now ruined. There is a clear pattern...