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  1. J

    Muriatic acid SEEMS to have little effect

    Customer has a 15000 gal pool that's been down for a while. It's not green, but is cloudy. They're trying to clear it up, but before they can SLAM, we're trying to get the pH down. The muriatic acid seems to have little effect, and I'm suspecting an air leak. Tests are as follows: Date ph TA...
  2. S

    Is there any downside to raising ph using aeration?

    Hello, After watching this video I tried/tested sticking the outlet of an industrial vacuum cleaner into the pool and that created a lot of turbulence (literally like a volcano erupting). ph is currently sitting at 6.8 (or thereabouts, it's a bit hard to tell as test is limited at this level)...
  3. matthewsunshineflorida

    PH 8.0 - OK if CSI Good?

    TLDR: pH rises from 7.2 to 8.0 in 60 hours, but @JoyfulNoise said he is able to go 10-14 days without adding acid due to proper TA and Borates. I'm wondering if I should lower my TA a bit, increase my CYA a bit, and add borates? Hey all, so appreciate your help both directly and indirectly...
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    Homemade aerator
  5. T

    Can't keep my pH at the optimal range (7.4-7.6)

    Hey guys, My first post in this forum and I'd like to appreciate any further comments/suggestions in advance. I have a concrete pool with almost one year old (SWG). The concrete is not in direct contact with the water, it has a impermeable "skin" all around that is used as a finish and cover...
  6. B

    pH and Alkalinity Advice

    Hi everyone, I have done extensive research on this topic but I think I need a little help putting together a plan of attack when it comes to addressing the pH balance in my pool. Background: I took over maintaining my own pool and recently, and also drained and refilled the water. After...
  7. Hchang

    pH and alkalinity question

    I have a 17,500 gallon Gunite chlorine pool that was finished in October of 2020 (Central Texas). It has an attached spa with overflow waterfall and a heater. I’ve been using the TFT-100 to test and manage chemicals myself for the past couple of months. I have the pH probe (calibrated) that...
  8. DerrikM

    Water balancing procedure

    11,000 gal salt water pool - Replastered April 2020, added Hayward T-Cell 9 FC 5.5 CC 0 pH 8 - Keep adding Muratic Acid to lower to 7.6 Target = 7.6 TA 125 - Target = 80 CH 225 - Target = 350 CYA 70 Salt 3400 Water Temp 85 I know I need to correct pH and TA as well as raise my...
  9. E

    Naturally rising pH?

    Hey all. I have a pebbletec, 27k gallon pool, cartridge filter. When I moved in in February, it was my first pool, and a friend of mine who works in the pool industry recommended and helped me install an inline tab feeder. After following this website for a few months, I decided eleven days...