ph rising

  1. S

    Is there any downside to raising ph using aeration?

    Hello, After watching this video I tried/tested sticking the outlet of an industrial vacuum cleaner into the pool and that created a lot of turbulence (literally like a volcano erupting). ph is currently sitting at 6.8 (or thereabouts, it's a bit hard to tell as test is limited at this level)...
  2. matthewsunshineflorida

    PH 8.0 - OK if CSI Good?

    TLDR: pH rises from 7.2 to 8.0 in 60 hours, but @JoyfulNoise said he is able to go 10-14 days without adding acid due to proper TA and Borates. I'm wondering if I should lower my TA a bit, increase my CYA a bit, and add borates? Hey all, so appreciate your help both directly and indirectly...
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    Homemade aerator
  4. T

    Can't keep my pH at the optimal range (7.4-7.6)

    Hey guys, My first post in this forum and I'd like to appreciate any further comments/suggestions in advance. I have a concrete pool with almost one year old (SWG). The concrete is not in direct contact with the water, it has a impermeable "skin" all around that is used as a finish and cover...
  5. B

    pH and Alkalinity Advice

    Hi everyone, I have done extensive research on this topic but I think I need a little help putting together a plan of attack when it comes to addressing the pH balance in my pool. Background: I took over maintaining my own pool and recently, and also drained and refilled the water. After...
  6. Hchang

    pH and alkalinity question

    I have a 17,500 gallon Gunite chlorine pool that was finished in October of 2020 (Central Texas). It has an attached spa with overflow waterfall and a heater. I’ve been using the TFT-100 to test and manage chemicals myself for the past couple of months. I have the pH probe (calibrated) that...
  7. DerrikM

    Water balancing procedure

    11,000 gal salt water pool - Replastered April 2020, added Hayward T-Cell 9 FC 5.5 CC 0 pH 8 - Keep adding Muratic Acid to lower to 7.6 Target = 7.6 TA 125 - Target = 80 CH 225 - Target = 350 CYA 70 Salt 3400 Water Temp 85 I know I need to correct pH and TA as well as raise my...
  8. E

    Naturally rising pH?

    Hey all. I have a pebbletec, 27k gallon pool, cartridge filter. When I moved in in February, it was my first pool, and a friend of mine who works in the pool industry recommended and helped me install an inline tab feeder. After following this website for a few months, I decided eleven days...