ph level

  1. K

    Need help getting PH up

    Hello, I am new to TFP and have been reading and learning a lot this last could of weeks. Some background on the last few weeks. And I now know do not take the advice from the pool store who keep selling me chemicals that are not helping...Having said that, I went to the pool store to test my...
  2. D

    How much to raise the PH

    We just got a 10' x 30" above ground easy set pool. We added chlorine and sodium bicarbonate then tested the water with the 2 in 1 test kit (The one with the red drops) the results were CL 1.5, BR 3.4, pH 6.8. How much more sodium bicarbonate do I need to add to increase the pH from 6.8 to 7.6...