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  1. C

    New Plaster/Pebble Pool - PH is stable only at low Alkalinity

    Hi all. My new plaster/pebble pool is around 4-5 months old and I was having issues with the PH rising to between 8.0 and 8.2 every day. I was trying to get the PH to stay at around 7.5 or 7.6 so each day I was having to add Muriatic acid to drop the PH. Well, Alk drops too when adding...
  2. matthewsunshineflorida

    PH 8.0 - OK if CSI Good?

    TLDR: pH rises from 7.2 to 8.0 in 60 hours, but @JoyfulNoise said he is able to go 10-14 days without adding acid due to proper TA and Borates. I'm wondering if I should lower my TA a bit, increase my CYA a bit, and add borates? Hey all, so appreciate your help both directly and indirectly...
  3. NCfampool

    Should I adjust TA 125, PH 8 using Taylor dpd

    Hi there, I am really struggling on what to do and need advice! I am not wanting an algae bloom! I had to fight a bad one in may and June. So, I do everything I can to keep water balanced. To fight the bloom I used pool life back to blue, then slammed the pool. It seemed to work. present time...