pentair intellicenter

  1. N

    Intellichem plus IC60 on an Intellicenter control system

    I have an Intellicenter and an IC60 for a 40K pool. Im looking to automate the acid side using Intellichem, but also considering purchasing the extra pump for liquid chlorine as a backup to the IC60 or to quickly balance a season start or after heavy use. Does anyone know if this would work?
  2. S

    Intellicenter Wifi Connectivity Issue

    I have just installed the Intellicenter for my pool controls and I am trying to get the wifi connected to the internet. I was able to go to connect to a wireless network and was able to see my network connection and input the password. Once the antenna reboots I go to the internet connection...
  3. MyAZPool

    IntelliCenter Service Mode

    Found a bit of a quirk with my IntelliCenter Automation System, that is not addressed in the IntelliCenter Control System User's Guide. While attempting to assist with a "Service Mode" issue in the following thread: Intellicenter - service mode, timeout - what does your pump do?, I put my...
  4. MyAZPool

    Schedules/Manual OP Priority

    BACKGROUND: So last night, I was heating up the Spa for the first time since integrating my new Pentair automation. During the spa "heat-up", my scheduled (cleaning) program "kicked-in" and of course switched the "bodies of water" or "POOL(s) from SPA back to POOL, and of course causing the...
  5. MyAZPool

    IntellipH Installation, setup and initial settings

    Based on the advice and suggestions of so many here on TFP, I have made the decision to install the IntellipH versus the IntelliChem. I really like many of the IntelliChem features with integrating with automation and all, but I guess my main concern is with the ORP reading issues with pools...