1. C

    I can feel the pavers inside my pool

    Hi there , We have a 16x8x42 intex prism rectangle pool. I need some advice and tips . We have spent the better part of 2 months or so leveling our ground ... sand ... dug in pavers etc. we built the frame and measureD out the 1 foot all around for the u support so we could then place are...
  2. P

    Leveling and Location of Pavers for Pool Legs?

    Hi. Newbie here. 18 ft 48 inch Intex round metal frame. We just spent weeks getting the ground perfectly level. I’m a bit frustrated as it’s taken a lot of time and money to get where I am. Now I’m adding 18 pavers to the ground to prevent the legs from sinking into the ground. I’ve read every...
  3. NE Surfer

    Backfill Blocks for Uprights

    Leveling completion is finally in sight! I have my 4” blocks sunk and leveled within +-1/8“. I need to level a bit where the bottom rail will be, but that should be easy with all the dirt I now have to add and tamp down. My question is, since I had a lot of rocks/pebbles in my soil it was...
  4. NE Surfer

    Stone Dust Under Pavers

    Hi All - getting close to finishing prep on the new pool. I have read conflicting suggestions on whether to put a layer of stone dust under the pavers that will support the uprights. I have 16 x 8 x 4 concrete pavers and I live in MA - so will have freeze / thaw conditions. Is putting 2” of...
  5. T

    New above ground pool leveling bottom track

    Working on leveling bottom track. Have a few pavers in. all level and set at the same height but there are gaps under the track, causing the actual track to be out of level. Do I just pack dirt underneath the track to bring it up to level or will this cause issues later on? Also considered...
  6. R

    Ground Prep for Intex Pool - Nuances

    Hi folks I am new to the forums, please forgive me if this should be obvious. I am the lucky owner of a 15' x 48" intex prism pool. I've been scouring the forums to learn what kind of ground work prep I need before I set up the pool. Based on what I have read, this is roughly what I plan on...
  7. J

    Joints too small for polymeric sand...what should I do?

    Hello Everyone, This is my first forum. Please help. Coming to you from Memphis, TN with questions and pics about what to do about my small grout joints on my pool deck. I have a concrete pad with what appears to be coral stone pavers with beveled edges mortared in place with no sand...
  8. P

    Travertine Pavers: Sand or Concrete Base?

    Is it worth the extra money to have a concrete base for travertine pavers? Most of the PBs here install them with a sand base.
  9. tank47

    Techo-bloc Aberdeen Patio

    Anyone use techo-bloc Aberdeen pavers for their patio? We are leaning towards their rock garden brown color and am looking for some inspiration for bring it all together with walls, wall caps, steps, etc. If anyone has used this would love to see pics of the colors and materials. Thanks in...