1. asliboogie

    Noob questions for Costco Bestway Pool

    We just purchased the Costco Bestway Power Steel 22' x 12' x 48" Above Ground Pool Set. It will arrive this week. We have never owned a pool and I would truly appreciate if you can help me with some questions I have. 1- The location we will put the pool is concrete. But there are gaps between...
  2. B

    Gorilla Pad

    Can anyone provide me a link with where to buy the Gorilla pad? I have seem more than one manufacturer listed and I want to make sure I'm getting the one that everyone talks about. Alternatively, I thought I read that the Gorilla pad was a seamless, one piece bottom, but reviews I've read...
  3. D

    Putting above ground pool on uneven concrete (pavers) How do I cushion?

    What would be the best and affordable thing to put under our pool to cushion the bottom and prevent the un-even paver corners from cutting into it. I live in central Florida so it will need to withstand hot humid conditions. It is a 16 Ft by 48 above ground metal frame structure pool. The...