1. Q

    Ozone system pool water

    Hi, we just installed a new ozone pool system using chlorine as a secondary sanitizer. Instructions are to check chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels but do I need to balance the calcium and cyanuric acid levels too? Can't find anything online or in the manual about this. Thank you for your help!
  2. B

    Cyanuric Acid problems help!

    So leslies and our friend TFP kit both said our cyanuric acid is super high... like 200... suggestion has been to drain half of pool and refill- do we drain from top or bottom? Also we have an ozone pool. Thank you!! ??
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    New Spa - What would you select if you could design your system from scratch?

    Location: Southern California Type: In ground gunite Infinity Edge spa Size: 9' x 8' 3" Perimeter: 17' 4" Surface Area: 74.25 Sq. Ft. Volume: 1088 Gallons (Not counting surge tank) Water Weight: 9,074 Lbs. Initial Design Plans -...
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    Eclipse EC-10 Module Question

    Hi All, I just replaced the two ozone modules in my ec-10 Del Ozone unit however both module lights do not come on. I verified that power to each of the module connectors is being supplied with 120v and the fuse also is in good working order. Any ideas why the module light is not coming on...