1. D

    Instant Green water before your eyes

    Hello all, first post here. I’m a new member as well as a new (to me) pool owner. My wife and I just moved to Olive Branch, MS and the house we bought came with a 15,000gal in ground, SWG gunite pool. Over the last few weeks of winter when we moved in, I learned which pumps/ lines control which...
  2. M

    Elevated filter pressure and poor skimmer suction

    New 20x40 IG pool last summer, winterized/closed by installer company and just opened by me today after watching a couple YouTube videos. The pressure on my Hayward S244T filter is reading at 32 when it read around 22 last summer; when I turn off the pump it reads around 8. Additionally, the...
  3. F

    Hayward H-200 Millivolt Running Erratically

    I was having trouble getting my heater going when I opened the pool for the season a few weeks ago. It was my first time opening the pool. A friend was able to help, so I’m confident I was following the right steps. I’ve owned the pool less than a year and the heater worked without issue for the...
  4. F

    Need Help Identifying Winterizing Parts

    New guy here looking for help identifying the parts left behind by the pool company that winterized my pool. I inherited the pool for the last 6 weeks of the 2019 season so this is my first open. I have the pump drain plugs, filter drain cap, and sight glass figured out. There’s this odd shaped...
  5. sadohert

    2-4 Weeks until test kit arrives, warm weekend coming - What can I start now?

    Hi All, Been lurking for a few years, following the local pool store guidance. The first year or 2 was fine, but last year was a certifiable gong show with chemicals. I'm going all in on TFP method, but I only just ordered my test kit today (2-4 weeks to ship). Tomorrow is supposed to be a...
  6. goody222

    How deep dip temperature probe to determine when to open pool

    This is my first year closing the pool. I understand it is desirable to open the pool before the temperature hits 60F - I'm not sure what time of year that is for me. Recently, on cloudy, normal temperature days, the first inch of water is 58F and 6 inches down it is 52F. On a sunny above...
  7. damon5683

    Green Monster: Pool hasn’t been opened in 2 years

    I am getting ready to start the opening process in the upcoming weeks. I want to know if I should start pouring bleach into the pool now to kill off some of the algae now to make it easier for myself later?
  8. B

    First time using this method opening pool

    In the middle of last season I bought a TF-100 kit and started using it. So I'm still new to all of this. We just opened the pool yesterday. Uncovered tarp (Put on in March to help with pollen) and mesh pool cover. Water was clear (you can see the bottom), but light debris on bottom. We...
  9. Neo337

    Water badly discolored

    Just started to open the pool yesterday. It was a little dirty on the bottom, but water was clear. So I filled it up, got the pump started, and vacuumed out the dirt. I had to leave for my son’s soccer game, so I put some shock in it until I could check everything. A couple hours later we got...
  10. G

    Second Ever Pool Opening, Green Monster This Time Around :(

    Hey all, So I this is my first time closing AND opening in succession... 2 autumns ago I had a pool store close the pool, then in Spring I opened it to see fairly decent/clear water! I closed the pool myself last fall (withOUT polyquat) and this Spring is... a different story! (Noooooo!)...
  11. Z

    Pool opening numbers...recommendations?

    Hi guys! Just took my first readings for the season, trying to get this bad boy opened so I can get the solar cover on and start warming that water. Here are my numbers. I didn't do pH because usually you have to adjust TA first, so pH doesn't matter much. FC: 0 CC: 0 TC: 0 CH: 50 ppm TA...