1. T

    OmniPL Water Feature Configuration Issue

    Hello All, Just started putting the final touches on my new pool build. With that being said I am running into issues when I create more than one water feature in the configuration. I ran several tests and noted that when I have two water features created the tristar vs pump seems to start...
  2. sib390

    'No Flow' Alert From Omnilogic When Using Deck Jets (Which Work Fine)

    Hi all! I am looking for the possible cause and hopefully even a solution. Knowing the cause however will go a long way in me coming up with a solution. I have 4 deckjets. They are all on the same leg of plumbing. In addition, they were installed in a loop so that they all receive the same...
  3. J

    OmniLogic and a gas firepit

    Hi all, I am in the middle of a pool build and is wondering if anyone has any experience with fire pits and automation. I bought a firepit ring with an electronic ignition on it and was thinking about having the electrician hook it up to omniogic rather than a switch on the wall. Is this...
  4. P

    Simple Barn light over pump

    Hello all. Just had my pool completed and have installed an Omnilogic control system. I have a simple standard 120v spare barn light that I would like to install over the pump. Just looking for some light for late night clean out etc. Question: Can I just hook this up to one of the spare...
  5. V

    Omnilogic - Option for heater to force pump on

    Good morning. I have an OmniLogic panel and pump with a Hayward natural gas heater. The omnilogic was installed last summer, and I absolutely love it ever since I hardwired the internet connection. The issue I'm having is that the heater does not force a call for the pump to turn on. I only...
  6. T

    Help - Omnilogic Touchscreen messed v3.0 - unable calibrate

    Hi all - in the four years of owning the Omnilogic i've had to calibrate the touch screen twice using the procedure found on their site -> Config -> Shell However this year...
  7. W

    Hayward t cell 15 issue

    My salt cell stopped working and after investigating, the port where it plugs in is burnt all the way to the motherboard. Just wondering if anyone has encountered this and on
  8. Abramma

    Hayward OmniLogic Freeze Protect

    We have a Hayward OmniLogic controller for our pumps, heaters and valves. We are in middle Tennessee and we run our pool year-round, but stop hearing when night-time temps dip below the 50s. Our OmniLogic controller automatically turns our pumps on when the air temp drops below 40. However, the...
  9. C

    Omnilogic USB Help

  10. P

    Omnilogic startup question

    For anyone that has configured an Omnilogic, I have a question. On a new build, do I have to wait until my pool is full to power up and start configuration of the panel? I wanted to start the configuration early, but I am not sure if it is ok to do so. Does anyone know? Thanks for the help! Troy