new fill

  1. Geminisq

    2nd pool new fill, how do my test results look?

    I just want to ask if you guys & gals can look at my test logs and lmk if I'm on track. The water looks & feels great, crystal clear. I'm super overthinking EVERYTHING 😆Because of what I learned from TFP w/my first pool, I do feel WAY more confident in what I'm doing this time. I have checked...
  2. A

    Help understanding test results and whether to turn on my swg

    Hi, I have an 18 x 9 intex pool running a 1200 gph sand filter and intex swg. I filled the pool earlier this week for the first time. The salt finally dissolved yesterday and i turned on my SWG. My free chlorine got up to 4 yesterday so I turned it off. I'm trying to figure out if I should...
  3. S

    New fill after coping renovation

    We recently had our old brick paver coping removed and had new PA Flagstone coping installed. Tomorrow is pool fill day, finally! I haven’t started from scratch with a new fill in about 8 years or so, and now sure where to start. I am thinking that I will need to add some shock just to get...