negative edge

  1. Pool-Lounger

    Spa Spillway Design - too late to correct this PB mistake?

    Hello, We're in the build process and our large free form spa was designed to have a "negative edge" spillway into the pool. The plan was to tile the surface of the spillway (top), and stone veneer the entire outer wall of the spa. This will be a salt water pool with a separate spa pump. The...
  2. H

    Design flaw on my new negative edge pool

    Hi, I am new here and am hoping that someone can share some information regarding an issue I am having. We had a negative edge pool built recently and right next to it is a sunken firepit lounge. The way that it was designed, whenever we use the pool, the water flows right out of the pool into...
  3. Heliman500

    Faux infinity / negative edge

    Hey folks, I am underway with a new pool build. The pool is being built on a slope with an exposed downslope wall. We are looking at finishing the top of the downslope wall with a 45 degree tile feature, most commonly described as a faux infinity edge. I have a pleasant view downslope and want...