metal magic

  1. Athlon646464

    Just had SWG installed and have a couple of questions

    I've always had a metal problem that Metal Magic will take care of most of the time for me. I usually have to treat the pool once a year or so, and I do a monthly maintenance according to the directions on the bottle. It has always worked great for me. With the addition of a new SWG (never...
  2. O

    How to filter out Copper Successfully

    This forum has been a great place for me as I have learned a lot and saved a lot of money! On that note I want to share a recent success story. This year I had to replace my inground pool liner. I live on a lake and I have previously filled my pool with lake water. In years previous I have...
  3. J

    Using Metal Magic without AA

    Has anyone used Metal Magic without doing an AA treatment first? Was it successful? MM claims that it will remove stains from the surface as well as sequester them so I’m wondering if AA is necessary. I’ve attached a pic of my 20k gal iron stained pool.
  4. JulieMorris316

    Adding chlorine makes water cloudy

    This has started happening again just now this season, and it also happened last summer about partway through the season. One day everything is normal, and then the next time I add chlorine, I can see it forming a visible white cloud as it moves trough the water. It doesn’t dissipate quickly...