mastertemp 200

  1. johnnybravojr

    Mastertemp 200 - Display completely blank and no LEDs

    Hello, Had a few storms recently (although not sure it is what caused the damage). I have a Mastertemp 200 pool heater and the display is blank and no LEDs illuminate. I saw that the fuse was blown. Got a replacement fuse and turned back on the breaker and the new fuse blew instantly. I'm...
  2. A

    Mastertemp 200 - 3 cracked manifolds!!

    Hi There, Posting the first time. I have a mastertemp 200 that is installed on a concrete platform that is the roof of a small machine room where the pump, filters, etc are located (also installed on concrete). The heater is for a large 8 person spa, and is located in Antigua, Guatemala (which...