1. S

    Issue with a Mastertemp 250 temperature reading. Have already replaced all sensors, still stumped.

    I have already replaced all sensors and the thermistor twice, so its not those. So the problem is when the heater is not running the temperature of the actual spa and the heater unit are the same(working). As soon as the heater begins running, the spa temperature will begin rising and the...
  2. baloo

    Jandy Backorder Rumors

    What is everyone hearing for dates of Jandy backorders? Personally I need a JXI manifold, booster pump impeller, and backwash. I was able to get my backwash working with JB Weld epoxy, but haven't been able to fix the others enough.
  3. A

    Mastertemp 200 - 3 cracked manifolds!!

    Hi There, Posting the first time. I have a mastertemp 200 that is installed on a concrete platform that is the roof of a small machine room where the pump, filters, etc are located (also installed on concrete). The heater is for a large 8 person spa, and is located in Antigua, Guatemala (which...
  4. P

    Jandy JXI 260n Manifold for sale?

    My heater manifold cracked during the Texas freeze. I realize they are on nationwide back-order, but figured there is no harm in asking. Is anyone selling or know where I can get my hands on a Jandy JXi 200/260/400, 3 Port Manifold #R0590100? If not, does anyone know what the estimate is for...