1. asliboogie

    Noob questions for Costco Bestway Pool

    We just purchased the Costco Bestway Power Steel 22' x 12' x 48" Above Ground Pool Set. It will arrive this week. We have never owned a pool and I would truly appreciate if you can help me with some questions I have. 1- The location we will put the pool is concrete. But there are gaps between...
  2. J

    Sand filters

    Do any pool company out there use equipment to get the sand out of the filter that's reliable

    Solid Vinyl Safety Pool Cover Cleaning

    I bought an Anchor Industries 5 Star solid safety cover, and I want to make sure it gets properly maintained before stowing it away in my basement. I don’t see any guidance on that in any articles for Pool School. Anyone have recommendations on a awesome vinyl pool cover cleaner? Should any...