low pressure

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    Low pressure

    Just replaced a defective gauge and pressure was 12 for 2 weeks. Yesterday it was registering 6, so low the heater would not engage. When I turn on all 4 deck jets the pressure increases to 12. Any ideas? Is a pressure of 6 acceptable? is it possible the new gauge is defective? Than you,
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    Pump not priming/holding prime

    Hello! My fiancé and I just recently bought a house with a large (26000 gallon) inground pool & we have never had any pools before. When we first moved in (in December ‘18) everything was running great but since March we’ve been having a lot of trouble with our filter/pump. When we turn the...
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    Heat pump showing low pressure

    I had a new Rheem heat pump installed about 2 months ago. Before that, I replaced my single-speed pump with a variable-speed, which I mostly left with the default settings (couple hours high speed, 10 hours low speed, couple more or so at mid-speed). After installing the heat pump, I adjusted...