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    New to pools, have not gotten good advice from Local Pool Store

    I am sure you get these newbie questions all the time, but I am stuck and the local pool store has been no help. The store opened the pool and installed a Jandy Salt System and Opened my pool. To say that the opening was botched was an understatement. It a long story about that and getting them...
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    Bring up CYA or slam?

    hi, just got back from vacation for 3 wks. Gf added chems while I was gone. I now see some stuff sticking to some of the sides and on steps/loveseat. I think its somewhere between faint yellow and faint greenish. I had her putting in MA and liquid chlorine while i was gone. Test numbers this...
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    Add Sodium Bicarbonate and Chlorine/shock together?

    Attached a pic of my readings from SureTREAT app (sorry folks, I prefer it to pool math). I thought I remembered reading recently that shock should be added in evening and SB added in the morning, but never together - is that correct? First time poster but have been searching and reading for awhile!