loop loc

  1. N

    Can the pool cover and removable fence share the same anchors?

    Hi all. Currently under construction for a 16x36 rectangular inground pool. We will be putting pavers around the pool and our Loop Loc cover will anchor into the pavers. We will also be installing a removable fence around the pool. My question is…. Can we use the same anchors for both the...
  2. andysousa

    Help getting loop lock out of cement!

    Hi gang, Hopefully someone can give me some advice. I had a stripped loop lock in the cement and I am desperately trying to get it out without destroying the cement. I have drilled it to some extent but gave up until I get better advice. Here is a pick of what I am working with right now. I...
  3. A

    Which safety cover?

    Hi me again. Anyone have any experience with In the Swim. I am Torn between the following two covers. The off brand kind of scares me and wondering if I’m better off staying with a name brand. So I guess my question is which of the covers from In the Swim would you get deluxe or...