liquid chlorine dispenser

  1. D

    Automatic liquid chlorine pump?

    Hi! I live in super sunny, super hot Texas. If I chlorinate up to max for my CYA level, and after 30 minutes, it's down by 2 ppm. If I SLAM to 18ppm at 8:30pm, it's down to 3ppm by 3pm the next day. If I raise it to max FC at 3pm, it's down to .2ppm by noon the next day. Is there an automatic...
  2. goodyFH

    Stenner Pump the best option???

    Hello folks, first i want to thank everyone for their help so far. I was nervous buying a house with a pool but with yalls help its clear and awesome! However, now that i have the maintenance figured out, i want to use as much technology available to make my life easier, adding liquid chlorine...
  3. thephatp

    My Automated Liquid Chlorinator Build

    Umm, what's with the novel??? I wanted to write out my story on putting together a very functional (thanks to all the folks here) automated liquid chlorinator for three reasons: (1) I'm proud of it, and I want to thank the folks who helped me; (2) to share the problems I experienced to help...
  4. Latinroadie

    Automatic Pool Chlorine feeder

    Good morning guys, what would be an inexpensive above ground automatic liquid chlorine dispenser? At my house 4 days of the week and cant keep an eye on my pool. Let me know thanks have a happy pool season