1. P

    Possible clogged floor drain

    We’ve had a ton of leaves mixed with ash from recent fires, and I think the drain/pipes are clogged. There’s no pressure in the filter, and the skimmer is barely sucking any water. Tried flooding the filter and skimmer basket with a garden hose, but it hasn’t helped. Any suggestions?
  2. N

    Help! Greenest pool in the world!

    To preface my post, my pool wasn't covered over the winter and there are a ton of leaves in the bottom (or at least I think there are, I can't see it). I know, poor maintenance on my part but life happened and it is what it is. We have a 24' round pool about 4' deep throughout with a sand...
  3. MeowMeow724

    Best Current Robot Vac Models for Oak Trees.. Acorns and Leaves

    Hello, We are getting a new pool installed; 16'-18' x 35 ft, 6 ft deep gunite. We have never owned a pool before, so we only know what we find online or what people tell us. A pressure vacuum was recommended by one PB, but then it was shot down by many, many others. So we are not going that...