leaking filter

  1. Brushman

    DE Leak, Solved, Tips

    I had a DE leak earlier this year. Small one. Seven year old Pentair FNS Plus. Filter elements all original. Several had small frame cracks. No obvious fabric rips, but since the cracking was getting worse and now with the leak, I just replaced them all. Figured problem solved. But within...
  2. S

    HELP! New 2 HP pump PSI at 46/filter leaking

    Hi there - Our 1.5 hp pool motor/pump died and our local pool supply recommended going to a 2hp. Sounded ok.....the circulation in pool is fantastic! HOWEVER, now after 1 month with new pump our Hayward Pro Series S180T has started leaking.....first at a seam, now today, also from the head...
  3. P

    Noisy motor and turbulent leaky filter

    Everything was fine when I was out by the pool earlier, then just a while ago I was in my driveway cleaning up leaves when I realize I could hear my dual speed pump...I can never hear it on low unless I’m standing right next to it. I walked out back and it was making an awful sound. Shut it off...