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    Another Green Monster has appeared in Boston -- Wife is ready to kill me!!

    Hi TFP! I'm new here - been lurking for a few months but now I need some help! First month of pool ownership was a breeze (May 1-June 1). I used the test strips (LOL) and had no issues. Water was clear and all was good in the world. Then, around June 1, we started seeing some sediment in the...
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    Help Identifying Filter Model and Help with Lateral Replacement

    I always had a nagging sense there were super small amounts of sand coming into my pool, and after just opening this spring, I now have lines of sand pouring straight into the pool. Having once changed the sand and noticing .... what I now know are laterals... were in rough shape, I assume one...
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    Repairing lateral assembly with what glue?

    Hey guys, Bought a house with a pool (my first pool) and it has an older ‘98 Sta-Rite sand filter. It was spraying sand through the return at the end of last summer and after some reading discovered the laterals probably needed repairing. When I took the sand filter apart I discovered two of...