1. grumpyveteran

    Mulch or drainage rock for gap between retaining wall and pool?

    So I have started getting the pool ready for the warm weather to come and I want to address the gap I currently have in between the retaining wall and the pool. It varies but averages about a foot from the pool and is 6 inches deep. The retaining wall was put up during the winter so I didn't...
  2. L

    Opinions on design and grading options

    Attached are 2 options we are deciding between. Our grade slopes pretty steep towards the back corner of our property where the pool is. Originally we were planning just to grade from the pool out but now that it’s been dug and we see how high the pool is we are nervous the side yard is too...
  3. veneanz

    Trees on retaining wall

    Does anyone have trees by their pumps? I’m starting to think this was a bad idea. The PB never talked us out of it.
  4. W

    Above ground Built into slope... am I DOOMED?

    Hello, Soon to be pool owner. Excavation is tomorrow and install is shortly after that. Site has to be dug 20” to be level so it’s not as crazy as other stuff I’ve heard and read on here. I’m just worried about water collecting around it and ruining my pool. Basically what measures I...
  5. F

    Is Mulch or Bark near pool OK?

    I am doing landscaping around my pool. Is it OK to add mulch and/or bark near it? I have attached photos so you can understand the layout. The mulch or bark would go behind the stone wall. Please let me know :)
  6. joyrox

    What type of trees can I plant by my pool? I live in zone 7a (Nashville, TN)

    Show me your pool landscaping photos!! lol I'm loosing my mind over here trying to figure out what to do. I'm thinking of putting in a hedge of Sprinter boxwoods around my entire pool. I will have enough room on the far end to put a row of shrubs behind the boxwoods to give me some summer color...