1. L

    Thoughts on Pentair Laminars and Lights

    See signature for full build details. We demo'ed our old 16x32 vinyl pool but haven't started construction as of June 29, 2022. We really wanted to do 4x Hayward Laminars+ColorLogic 320's for our pool and stick with Hayward. However, supposedly Hayward laminars have been out of stock for months...
  2. BMerrill

    Piping question

    If they arrive , will have 4 Hayward Laminers to install around the pool. The first idea is to place them on the side away from the house. This would be the right side of pool in the attached photo. But would entertain suggestions from others who have laminers/deck jets. There will be 2...
  3. T

    Pentair Magicstream not working?

    1 of my 2 magicstreams is not performing fully. The one in question thumps and red light comes out of it nicely. But I cannot figure out how to “switch modes” or use the solid light stream for this laminar. The other magicstream on the circuit does function properly. I’ve heard that perhaps...
  4. W

    Trouble with Pentair Laminar Fountain Jet

    Laminar jet has slipped 4" down the concrete sleeve. I bought a reverse pliers to extract, but it still isn't budging. Has anyone had this issue? What are my options?
  5. A

    Can I replace these?

    Hi all, I have two of these bubblers on a shelf in my pool. Thinking of replacing them - maybe a laminar, fountain or something else? Any ideas would be appreciated. Just want an updated look, I guess. Thanks in advance. Andrew
  6. K

    Jandy laminar jets not shooting as far

    I have adjusted everything I can find but still can’t get the jets to shoot as far as last season. Cleaned the filters already.
  7. S

    Magicstream laminar LED lights no longer work

    Hi everyone, I looked through the forums and online but couldn't find much info and I was hoping you could help. I have 4 pentair magicstream laminars in my salt water pool and 3 of the 4 have LED lights that seem to have stopped working. The laminars still work great, but the LED lights no...