1. F

    New owner Old Pool

    Hello, Recently purchased a home with an old pool (+/-30 yrs) So far it has been wonderful. My eyeballs jet returns need replacing, but the ones i have do not look like others. I've tried grabbing, twisting, pulling on the 'housing' but it does not move. I have not tried any tools yet, I didn't...
  2. H

    In ground spa jet replacement

    I need to replace my 20 year old spa jets. One has come apart, and the others don’t spin. I assumed you take them out by unscrewing the knurled ring, but the are stuck and I’m afraid I will break something if I keep at it. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  3. A

    Fiberglass spa fittings

    Recently my crew and I completed the initial pool start up for 2 fiberglass pool/spas both of the spas are slamming water up the air pipe to the extent of being inoperable. We spoke to our salesman and he told us that the fittings they pre installed in our spas do not have the Venturi effect and...
  4. ecomerford

    Waves in pool caused by water feature jet

    I have an underwater jet pointed upward, placed in a kind of "sunbathing shelf" on the edge of the pool. Recently, the water coming from the jet has begun causing significant waves throughout the pool. The nozzle doesn't seem to be broken or malfunctioning. How do I stop the waves?
  5. W

    Trouble with Pentair Laminar Fountain Jet

    Laminar jet has slipped 4" down the concrete sleeve. I bought a reverse pliers to extract, but it still isn't budging. Has anyone had this issue? What are my options?
  6. U

    Jet replacement in gunite spa

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to replace a broken jet In our in-ground gunite spa. I found the part I think I need to replace here CMP 23315-030-000 1.5 in. MPT Gunite Spa Jet44 I have never replaced a spa jet so not sure if this is all I need to replace or how to go about replacing it...
  7. J

    Spa return jet question

    I think I have what should be a fairly easy question for the TFP forum. My spa has 5 returns. Appears the eyeball jets or whatever go there crumbled/deteriorated away over time with the previous owners. Question is; what are the appropriate / intended fittings to go here? I’ve found a couple...
  8. J

    HydroPool swim spa pump #2 not working

    We have a 2019 HydroPool swim Spa that we’ve owned for about two months. It is installed indoors. There are three pumps, one of the two main swim jets is not working. The other two work fine. It does not make a sound. We’ve done all the troubleshooting such as topping off the water, checking for...