jandy aqualink

  1. J

    Spillover Mode Delay?

    I’m a new pool owner and first time posting. I have a question about the spillover mode setting on my pool/spa combo controlled by an RS6 aqualink system. When I turn on spillover mode the Jandy Actuator Valve turns while the pool pump is running. Is that an issue shouldn’t there be a delay to...
  2. skola28

    Cheap, Simple web-enabled pool automation with Google Assistant Integration

    Album Link with Diagram and short demo video: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPePNtaRleoPiGWqiSO6MFvwp_aetOlRAMRII-YXtbrvU1AdmA879ONrODEBQw-2A?key=c2YxRDhjTkx4RUpvbEFpUzRtQ1lDSThsZHhTREV3 Using a SONOFF 4CHPROR3, I have integrated the control of my Filter Pump, Booster Pump, and two Jandy...