iron stains

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    Iron stains with AA treatment - what should I consider "done"?

    Iron stains with AA treatment - what should I consider "done"? I have some iron stains in my pool. I got a filter setup for fill water that should take out ferric iron. I don't think it'll affect ferrous iron, but regardless, I want to try it out. So I'm doing an AA treatment, then will...
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    Raising/Maintaining Chlorine After Iron Stain Treatment

    Hi all, This is my first season as a pool owner, and been having trouble with iron stains. I have a 15,000 gal pool, vinyl liner, sand filter. I finally removed the stains, using absorbic acid and some Vitamin C tabs. I also used a filter aid, a CUlator pack and a chelating agent to hopefully...
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    Fertilizer stains

    So I am almost positive we have stubborn fertilizer stains in my vinyl pool. They look like little iron spots all in the shallow end. I tried using vitamin c tablets but for some reason they made the stains darker and worse. I tried rubbing a chlorine tablet on it...again no results. Shocked the...
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    Using Metal Magic without AA

    Has anyone used Metal Magic without doing an AA treatment first? Was it successful? MM claims that it will remove stains from the surface as well as sequester them so I’m wondering if AA is necessary. I’ve attached a pic of my 20k gal iron stained pool.
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    AA Treatment - In Ground Pool - Water Exchange / Replacement

    For the past few years I've tried the AA treatment to remove my brown stains around my pool. They are most prominent on 1) Steps 2) jet output areas on wall 3) shallow end and 4) where the wall meets the floor. The deep end floor has little staining. The AA treatment always works in removing...
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    My plan for iron stains

    I keep getting iron stains. Spot treatment with Ascorbic acid takes them off, then they redeposit. Rather than sequestering every week, I’m thinking of just using my pool water to water my lawn (which I need to do anyway), and refilling my pool with fresh water, thus exchanging a few hundred...