1. J

    Jandy IQPump01 Issues

    Hello, Brand new pool installed about 45 days ago. I turned off my pump to clean the basket and it will not turn back on. My iqpump01 interface’s “auto” light flashes and nothing happens when I push any other buttons. I’ve flipped the breaker to attempt to reset it with no luck. Any help is...
  2. CircaSurvivalist

    Jandy iQpump01

    Thinking about buying a Jandy iQPump01 to replace my JEP-R controller for my Jandy VSF 1.65hp pump to give me control of my pump from my phone. Anyone have any input on this WiFi controller, pros/cons, before I make the purchase...
  3. DangerClose

    Jandy iQPUMP01 Local Time

    We had our pool built this fall and with summer coming up I'm setting up some custom run times on the pump through the iQPUMP01 remote. It's currently connected to my phone with no issues but one problem is that the time on the pump is different from the actual local time at my house - one...