intex 18x9x52

  1. A

    Can I put an Intex 2800 filter on my 9 x 18 intex pool?

    I have an 9 x 18 ultra xtr pool with the intex 1200 gph pump and sand filter; I also have the intex CG2667 SWG (which can be used with a 700-3200 gph pump). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my pool. (I am a first-timer, can you tell?) It is in our shaded, wooded backyard and I keep an intex solar cover on...
  2. A

    SWG Intex pool in the shade - high FC

    We have an intex 4500 galloon pool with 1200 gph sand filter and intex swg. Our pool is in the shade, basically always. We have a wooded backyard. I really think the shade affects or FC loss, which is very little. Lately it has been raining a LOT (midwest, MO). I have been running the filter...
  3. A

    First timer, opening SWG intex 18 x 9 pool - question about timing

    We are FINALLY filling our pool. It is 18 x 9 intex ultra xtr with 1200 gph sand filter and intex swg. This is going to sound like the dumbest question - what order/timing do I do everything. I have read all the forum start-up guides, but i don't quite get the order. (We also have the TF pro...
  4. A

    foam board as pool pad over concrete

    I am setting up my 18 X 9 Intex pool on a 12 X 22 concrete slab. I want to put something under it for insulation and to protect from the concrete degrading the liner. I currently plan to put 1/2 inch extruded foam board. (Owens Corning FOAMULAR 1/2 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. R-3 Square Edge Rigid...
  5. densvxer

    Need help with Intex 9x18 rectangle vacuum accessories

    So I have a 9 x18 rectangle agp and it's original vacuum accessories have become worn out... Seems they are no longer available through intex. The skimmer works fine. But the vacuum accessories are sun bleached and brittle. So the cover is broken and there is suppose to be a seal. Image 1 is...
  6. N

    18x9x52 Intex ultra frame, placement of XPS and pavers?

    Hello, I’m almost all set getting the ground ready for my new pool. How many 8x4 XPS foam boards should I use to go under the pool, and will they line up with the pavers. I was thinking 4; that would give me an area of 8x16. Is that too short?