1. Akathisia

    IntelliCenter Upgrade EasyTouch 4 (2007) with IntelliChlor

    I’m posting my experience without much new information except the relatively minor issues I had with the Pentair High Power Wireless (HPW) Link Kit but I thought it might help to gather some of the URLs into a newer thread that might inspire someone else to upgrade to IntelliCenter. Virtually...
  2. MyAZPool

    Beta-Testers for IntelliCenter Mobile Apps.

    To all IntelliCenter Users Pentair is looking for a group of interested and knowledgeable / power-user / self-maintainer type IntelliCenter users who are interested in volunteering as beta-testers for the IntelliCenter mobile apps (iOS and Android). In the future, they may also be interested...
  3. MyAZPool

    IntelliCenter Meeting

    The week of the 6th, I have been given the opportunity to meet with several mid-level/senior management as well as coordinator types from Pentair Pool Products who are directly involved with IntelliCenter. We're going to meet up here at my home in the Phoenix area. These are folks that I have...
  4. D

    Using iPad with IntelliCenter setup

    We recently built our pool and love all the equipment and IntelliCenter access on our phone. I have an iPad and want to make it a dedicated control device for the backyard that will connect with IntelliCenter, Sonos, Spotify, Smarthome, etc.. I would leave it inside or under a covered patio...
  5. J

    Intellicenter Controlling Laminars and Bubblers

    Hello I have an intellicenter controlling a dedicated intelliflo pump for my laminars and bubblers. I have Valve A turning on and off flow to bubblers and Valve B Tuning on and off flow to laminars. I have having trouble programming this is the intellicenter Circuit Groups. I tried creating...
  6. T

    Intellicenter WiFi kit and connection

    Hello, I’ve connected the WiFi kit to my intellicenter control panel. I followed the directions (which are quite confusing) and I’m getting the following errors shown in the photos provided. It should be noted that I assume I did everything correctly because my panel says I am connected to the...
  7. cwoav8r

    New equipment DIY

    So, I have been lurking here for a while and just completed my DIY SWCG install last weekend, Just wanted you guys to check my work, inspired by threads from @MyAZPool. Pentair Intellicenter i5p installed with ic40 SWCG. I wired the SWCG on it's own relay but tied to the pump relay so it will...
  8. I

    Aquacal heater/chiller heat pump with Intellicenter

    I have a Aquacal heat pump model 166ARDSBNP (heater and chiller) that I would like to control via my recently installed Pentair IntelliCenter. With my previous Intellitouch, I had been told cooling was not supported in intellitouch. Pentair recently told me that both heating and cooling are...
  9. S

    Intellicenter - Freeze protection says it is on, but pump speed is 0

    Hello - I have a mystery. I have a intellicenter running two separate systems for pool and spa. When temp drops, both say that they are on freeze protection and the green light is on for both pumps on the app, but the spa pump flow is 0. I went and checked this morning, and the pump is not on...
  10. G

    Wiring Elfin-EE11 to Pentair IntelliCenter

    Inspired by the post wiring Elfin-EW11 to Pentair Easytouch I'm documenting my installation of the Elfin-EE11 which is the ethernet version. I did this since the IntelliCenter came with an EnGenius ENS202EXT bridge to connect to the internet and came with a spare ethernet port. I opted to...
  11. C

    New Intellicenter Screen Frozen

    Hello all, I was hoping to see if anyone has seen this symptom on a new Intellicenter install. The intellicenter boots up and the License Agreement screen comes on. However, the touch screen is unresponsive and I am unable to click "I Accept". I tried resetting it, checked all wires and nothing...
  12. Chgorob1

    Intellicenter Err message with Solar

    Has anyone familiar with Pentair IntelliCenter know what this err message means? See photo It also shows if I do solar preferred. Does not appear if I select Mastertemp400 heater, only solar
  13. S

    High Salt Reading from IntelliChlor IC20

    Getting a high 4200ppm salt level reading from my newly installed Intellicenter connected to an older IntelliChlor IC20. I got a 3260ppm reading from a recently calibrated LaMotte Salt Tracer PockeTester. Are IntelliChlor salt detection not usually accurate, or is my Salt PockeTester in need of...
  14. screendoorsubmarine

    Intellicenter - power when pump is running?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any experience wiring equipment so that it will only turn on when the pump is running? I see there is the option to group "circuits", so my thought was maybe to group it into the "Pool" circuit... but I could use some specifics on if anyone has...
  15. T

    In Need Of Pentair Intellicenter Indoor Control Panel

    Hi All! I am in need of a Pentair 522035 Intellicenter Indoor Control Panel - does anyone know of a vendor with them in stock, or even better, does anyone have one they wish to sell? Used or new is fine! I have been searching for 2 weeks now with no luck Thank you..
  16. O

    Intellicenter "Remote" (Internet) Down?

    Is anyone else having issues with accessing the Intellicenter UI via the App or the web? I've tried upgrading my panel to 1.064, which doesn't help. I'm inclined to think there is something wrong with the Intellicenter portal as and even seem to be no...
  17. I

    Intellitouch to Intellicenter upgrade questions

    I need to fix the board of my Intellitouch and as a result thinking of replacing my Intellitouch with the Intellicenter (using Pentair 522047 upgrade kit). I am quite handy and do most of these activities myself. I am planning to install the kit myself and have a couple of quick questions: -...
  18. Chgorob1

    Variable speed pump power connection

    I just upgraded my IntelliCenter system with a Pentair 3hp variable speed pump from a single speed pump. I successfully connected the control wires to the panel. However the problem lies in a variable speed pump needs to have power all the time and right now when it calls to turn off it cuts the...
  19. F

    Turning on water feature (with a separate VSF pump) toggles the actuators for the other VSF pump

    Hi all! This is my first post, and I'm a complete newbie on pools, but I am enjoying reading these posts, and look forward to learning and helping more in the future. Today my pool installer and I encountered an interesting issue on my new pool/spa. He'll call Pentair on Monday, but I thought...
  20. DSC_5510.JPG


    i10ps Intellicenter control panel
  21. mnmpizza

    Easy Touch - Waiting on IntelliCenter

    My PB has installed an Easy Touch panel while I wait on a back ordered IntelliCenter. Is there an ‘Easy and Cost Effective” way to control this with my phone? Or a remote? Knowing I’ll be replacing within a few months… I have Pentair: 8 lights; VS Pump; Accessory pump; IC40 SWG Or do I wait...
  22. mzuniga

    Intellichlor Log

    Hi Folks. I've just completed my installation which includes an Intellichem governed Intellichlor all tied up to an Intellicenter. Despite all odds so far everything is going ok. I have a question though: is there any place I can see a log of each time the cell is activated and at what...
  23. J

    Intellicenter not running Schedule

    Hi All, A few weeks ago I discovered the Intellicenter does not like some features to be run GPM and others RPM for pump speed. I noticed this because when my schedule would get to that function it would stop and not continue running. Once I set everything as RPM it was okay. Then this morning I...
  24. P

    Intellicenter issues

    Hello. We installed a new Intellicenter late last year and have been having a lot of issues. First of all, it seems somehow my pump is no longer communicating with the automation, as the screen on the pump itself is active and the Intellicenter is reporting "communication lost". Additionally, I...
  25. D

    Intellicenter and low voltage

    I’ll soon be installing a fiberglass pool with Pentair LED Lights, colorvision bubblers, and Magicstream laminars. Will I need a separate low voltage transformer to wire the LED lights or does the Intellicenter not need a separate transformer?
  26. tclayton10

    My foray from an EasyTouch8 to IntelliCenter

    So I've been following the IntelliCenter upgrade and advanced automation threads started by @MyAZPool (Ron), and have been waiting for the right moment to upgrade my Pentair ET8 system that was installed during the original pool build in 2006. My goal is primarily to take advantage of some of...
  27. S

    IntelliCenter - Grey Screen

    Hey guys, just had new Pentair equipment with IntelliCenter installed a few weeks ago, all was fine until a few days ago when the whole system shut down. Coincidentally, this happened a day after we started heating the pool. My immediate thought was that the GFCI breaker tripped but it looked...
  28. 2


    Is it just me or is IntelliCenter constantly down for periods of time? SSL error or json error. Seems like a pretty crappy platform.
  29. A

    Intellicenter Programming Problems

    I upgraded my pool automation from the Pentair Legacy Easytouch board to the Pentair Intellicenter board. I'm able to get my Pentair VSP pump partically working. I can't get it to bump up to a faster speed for when I set a schedule for the cleaner. It is my understanding that you can overlap...
  30. F

    Valve Actuator Install (w/ IntelliCenter)

    Hey! I am interested in putting a valve actuator on the valve for my water fountain so I can remotely turn it on and off. I have the IntelliCenter and it is connected to 2 pumps (main/Polaris), the Heater (through the Gas heater control), and an Intellichlor60. 1) Will I be able to plug an...