1. J

    Intellicenter not running Schedule

    Hi All, A few weeks ago I discovered the Intellicenter does not like some features to be run GPM and others RPM for pump speed. I noticed this because when my schedule would get to that function it would stop and not continue running. Once I set everything as RPM it was okay. Then this morning I...
  2. P

    Intellicenter issues

    Hello. We installed a new Intellicenter late last year and have been having a lot of issues. First of all, it seems somehow my pump is no longer communicating with the automation, as the screen on the pump itself is active and the Intellicenter is reporting "communication lost". Additionally, I...
  3. D

    Intellicenter and low voltage

    I’ll soon be installing a fiberglass pool with Pentair LED Lights, colorvision bubblers, and Magicstream laminars. Will I need a separate low voltage transformer to wire the LED lights or does the Intellicenter not need a separate transformer?
  4. tclayton10

    My foray from an EasyTouch8 to IntelliCenter

    So I've been following the IntelliCenter upgrade and advanced automation threads started by @MyAZPool (Ron), and have been waiting for the right moment to upgrade my Pentair ET8 system that was installed during the original pool build in 2006. My goal is primarily to take advantage of some of...
  5. S

    IntelliCenter - Grey Screen

    Hey guys, just had new Pentair equipment with IntelliCenter installed a few weeks ago, all was fine until a few days ago when the whole system shut down. Coincidentally, this happened a day after we started heating the pool. My immediate thought was that the GFCI breaker tripped but it looked...
  6. 2


    Is it just me or is IntelliCenter constantly down for periods of time? SSL error or json error. Seems like a pretty crappy platform.
  7. A

    Intellicenter Programming Problems

    I upgraded my pool automation from the Pentair Legacy Easytouch board to the Pentair Intellicenter board. I'm able to get my Pentair VSP pump partically working. I can't get it to bump up to a faster speed for when I set a schedule for the cleaner. It is my understanding that you can overlap...
  8. F

    Valve Actuator Install (w/ IntelliCenter)

    Hey! I am interested in putting a valve actuator on the valve for my water fountain so I can remotely turn it on and off. I have the IntelliCenter and it is connected to 2 pumps (main/Polaris), the Heater (through the Gas heater control), and an Intellichlor60. 1) Will I be able to plug an...
  9. Chgorob1

    Solar setup with Intellicenter

    When I got my intellicenter in February my solar line was already drained for the winter. Now that it is warming up in NorCal, I told my pool guy it’s time to use the solar. He just wants to fill the line and let it run with the filter all summer like it did with old Jandy controller. I...
  10. rellumd

    Upgrade from Intellicenter 5 to Intellicenter 8

    I am looking at upgrading to an 8 from a 5 so I can separate out my bubblers and pool lights. Probably $750. Seems high to me any thoughts on this? Thanks
  11. SA Pentair User

    Pentair IntelliCenter Fuse

    The fuse on my IntelliCenter has blown (and this needed replacing) twice in the last 2 years. My installer says that he has never seen this fuse go before. Does anyone have any suggestion for why this may be happening?
  12. jdoghaf

    Pentair Intellicenter or Intellitouch?

    Hello everyone! We are currently building a pool here in Utah. Here’s a little background: The pool contractor we went with has recently started shifting from landscaping to building pools. We are not worried about his expirence level as he has 20+ years of expirence of building pools. (Before...
  13. Chgorob1

    Intellicenter Spa setting

    I just replace my old Jandy with an intellicenter that has pool and combo set up. I really like the new system however I have one item unaddressed. In my current set up I have the spa setting to which I can turn it on and off and I can turn the heat to the desired temperature or off...
  14. MyAZPool

    IntelliCenter OCP Load Center / Equipment Pad – Modifications and Retrofit

    IntelliCenter OCP Load Center / Equipment Pad – Modifications and Retrofit - Table of Contents - - Purpose and Scope - Planning and Other Considerations - Junction Boxes (Line, Low, Actuator/Sensor/Sanitation/Chem) - IntelliCenter OCP Low Voltage Compartment and Raceway - IntelliCenter High...
  15. MyAZPool

    Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Control Dashboard Instructional Guide

    Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Control Dashboard Instructional Guide (nodejs-poolController and nodejs-poolController-dashPanel) - Table of Contents – 1. Purpose and Background 2. Credits 3. Theory 4. Hosting Platform Options 5. Location and Connectivity Considerations and Options 6. Equipment...
  16. N

    Intellichem plus IC60 on an Intellicenter control system

    I have an Intellicenter and an IC60 for a 40K pool. Im looking to automate the acid side using Intellichem, but also considering purchasing the extra pump for liquid chlorine as a backup to the IC60 or to quickly balance a season start or after heavy use. Does anyone know if this would work?
  17. J

    Intellicenter Set Point Changing Everyday

    Hi! New user here I have a problem with one Pentair Intellicenter System, I'm using the Last Android App and noticed that when programming a new schedule and selecting heat source as "dont change" I get a new option that I feel it shouldnt be there: Heating Temp. When checking the iphone app or...
  18. P

    Intellicenter Heat Pump Automation

    Hello all! I recently had an AquaCal SQ225 Heat pump installed... I asked the installer about connecting it to my Intellicenter and he didn't know if it could be done. The instructions reference the EasyTouch and IntelliTouch, so I assume it can work with the IntelliCenter too. I attempted to...
  19. MyAZPool

    IntelliCenter Circuits / Pump and Valve Associations

    There seems to be quite a bit of questions lately regarding IntelliCenter Feature Circuits and how to associate those circuits with Pump Speeds and/or Flows and Valve Actuator associations. In addition, questions regarding the creation and uses of Circuit Groups (macros) appears to be another...
  20. S

    Intellicenter Wifi Connectivity Issue

    I have just installed the Intellicenter for my pool controls and I am trying to get the wifi connected to the internet. I was able to go to connect to a wireless network and was able to see my network connection and input the password. Once the antenna reboots I go to the internet connection...
  21. P

    Intellicenter Wiring Question

    Hello all! I just got my Intellicenter up and running (thanks the discussions in this forum), so far I'm loving it! I had an electrician run power to it, but now I'm wiring all the smaller circuits. I have pool lights, a convenience outlet, a blower, and soon a heat pump. My question has to...
  22. M

    Intellicenter: No Ethernet cable detected

    Hi all I have an intellicenter bundled with the WiFi module. I’ve tried multiple Ethernet cables between the board/power module and between power module/antenna (to the poe port). I’ve tried to reseat the power cable from both ends. The lights on the Ethernet ports never light up. When I go to...
  23. T

    Should I Upgrade from Pentair Easytouch 8 to Pentair IntelliCenter?

    Decision: Buy a new Pentair protocol adapter which hopefully fixes my communication issue with ScreenLogic or buy upgrade kit to convert Pentair Easytouch 8 to Pentair IntelliCenter (522047) Background: My Easytouch 8 is about 4 years old. Protocol adapter is bad. Diagnosed with some helpful...
  24. P

    Intellicenter circuit breaker question

    Hello all, I'm in the middle of replacing all my equipment... Based on all the input here at TFP, I invested in an intellicenter. My question is about the sub panel, I'm not sure what size breaker to feed the intellicenter with. I plan on having an intelliflo pump, aquacal sq225, bubbler, pool...
  25. MyAZPool

    IntelliCenter Web Client and its Possible Alternatives

    Recently, I have been giving the topic of the IntelliCenter Web Client and to a lesser degree, the iOS mobile app, a lot of thought due to some questions and comments online here from other members, concerning the web client. And especially in light of the current and ongoing issues related to...
  26. MyAZPool

    IntelliCenter Quick Reference/Information Guide

    Preface - As the new Pentair IntelliCenter Automation Control System moves further into the mainstream of pool automation, there appears to be an increase in the amount of just basic questions recently regarding IntelliCenter installation, configurations and standard operation. Most of these...
  27. RobertFlagg

    The Pool is almost done... Roseville, Ca.

    As you can see on the preliminary sketch up, we have narrowed it down to size and shape. Looking over all the threads I have narrowed down what we want for the most part. thoughts on depth 9' and step configurations would be great. Placement of deck jet, more or less... and any other feature...
  28. MyAZPool

    Pentair - Color Hold/Recall / J&J Electronics - Color Lock/Return

    There has been some discussion on some of the automation threads regarding the topic of how to capture and color hold or color lock) a particular “non-standard” color that can be seen in the various light shows that are featured with Pentair color LED lighting products but are not available as a...
  29. MyAZPool

    IntelliCenter Home Automation Integration and Control

    NOTE: Please note that the following posts in this thread were moved from the thread: Pentair IntelliCenter Review and Information. This is due to the fact that the following posts were related ONLY to Integrating the Pentair IntelliCenter with 3rd Party Home Automation Control Systems and did...
  30. pdilow

    Going DIY - Making changes to pool setup

    Hello TFP! Please forgive me as I attempt to explain my pool situation and questions. I purchased a home last year that came with an in-ground pool, the first one I’ve ever owned. It’s been quite the learning curve. I’m a DIY’er and trying to move forward this year without the help of a pool...