1. Magis00

    DIY install question - heat pump location

    Hi all -- I've purchased a Hayward HeatPro 47,000 (HP50HA) that I plan to install myself [using a real electrician to run electric]. My question is: how far from the pool I can install it? Below is a poor visual that shows my situation. The pool pump is in rather plain sight between the pool...
  2. RaleighDawg

    Winter Insulating Cover

    So i we have just about made it through our first winter. My wife swims every morning. and i mean every morning. she was out there in snow storms, ice storms and temperatures in the teens. We keep the pool at 83 and she warms it up to 85 about an hour or two before going out to swim and let’s it...
  3. A

    Need guidance on solar panels

    So I live in SW Florida with a south-facing roof that gets prime sun exposure for most of the day. For that reason I'm strongly considering solar panels on my roof to heat the pool and extend my swimming season to as close to year round as possible. I've gotten a few quotes from different...
  4. The Roc

    extra inlet hole and extra light hole

    I just got a 21 foot steel AGP after having a 22 ft intex soft side for 6 years that finally died. I getting ready to set up the new steel pool and I know it comes with the skimmer and one oulet hole pre-cut. I want to add another hole for a light and another hole to use on a fountain I added to...
  5. johig

    1" x 1" glass tile does not look straight

    I will add photos to this post as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow, but I wanted to post my question sooner rather than later. The installation of our waterline and spa tile started today and I'm hoping for a reality check on my expectations for how perfectly 1" x 1" glass tile can/should be...
  6. L

    Install Help: Pentair iChlor/Intellichlor retrofit to EasyTouch8 (elect & plumbing)

    Hi all - I am converting to a SWCG and per the advice from the great folks on this site I am staying with Pentair due to the automation and remote capabilities possible integrating with my existing ET controller w/ScreenLogic2. I have an iChlor SWCG with the additional Intellichlor power center...
  7. S

    Oh No! What have I done! Need install advice.

    We used the TFP method a couple of years ago on a larger temporary above ground pool. We never tried any other methods and never had any trouble at all. Our cheap pool got older and we decided we needed a larger above ground pool. We weren't crazy about doing business with our local pool store...
  8. J

    Need help installing DIY Fiberglass Pool

    Hello, I have found places that sell fiberglass pools and a cheap price but its DIY. I dont know the first place to start to getting this done. Do pool companies install without it being their pool? Im in red oak tx 75154. Do anyone know who could install/excavate this fiberglass pool for my home?