1. V

    Pool Automation solution with NTP client

    Greetings, I have an iAqualink that I purchased many years ago and installed myself. The iOS app is my primary pool interface. My biggest complaint is that every time the power goes out, or I have to power cycle the system, it is necessary to *manually* reset the system clock via the clunky...
  2. M

    iAqualink 2.0 & Jandy VS pump setup to use different speeds at different time etc...

    Hello All, Hope you can help with this one. Trying to help my neighbor setup his iAqualink 2.0 with his Jandy VS Pump and heat pump. I'm having a hard time in the Aqualink programming trying to figure out the following: Pool pump will from from 8am-5pm everyday I want the pump to filter from...
  3. C

    IAqualink Native App Buttons

    Hi, just had iaqualink installed. I can see everything from the web, but the native app buttons only have 4 rows ( options) listed on each tab. How do I add more options to the Native app? I have seen other iAqualink screen shots on the web and see it supports more than just 4 options. Thank...
  4. tiggermax

    iAqualink Schedule Override

    Hi, sorry if there is already an answer out there in this forum. I did search, but didn't find it. If you know there's already a good thread, please send me the link. I have a new(ish) pool, and automation using the iAqualink app. I have it set up on a schedule that includes pool filtering...
  5. D

    iaqualink one touch buttons

    The iaqualink one touch controls don't seem to work. I set one as "clean pool" to turn on my pump and cleaner. When everything is off it works but if the pump is already on it turns off the pump and obviously does not clean. It's especially frustrating because I sometimes do this when I am...
  6. B

    iAquaLink Web Interface

    Hello all, Please point me in the right direction if this has been posted. It seems to be a bit tough to search for on Google. I have a relatively new pool with an iAquaLink PDA / App. It's connected to the internet and set up as far as I can tell. The thing is, I do not see anywhere to...
  7. iAquaLink 2 Device.PNG

    iAquaLink 2 Device.PNG

  8. iAquaLink 1 Device.PNG

    iAquaLink 1 Device.PNG

  9. J

    Iaqualink down

    Is the iAqualink website/system down for anyone else? App wouldn't work and I can't get on their website which would lead me to believe that their server is down.
  10. I

    iAqualink - Can't Connect To My WiFi Network

    I replaced my old Apple wireless network with an eero wireless network today. I gave the new network the same name and password. Once it was up and running all my smart home devices (Ring, Nest, Alexa, Sonos, etc.) connected to the new network except...iAqualink. I have had to reconnect...
  11. T

    iAqualink iQ-900 antenna replacement

    I've had good luck with this device, but I recently found the antenna split open. The connection has become a bit less reliable and I want to replace it, as the internals and the box are fine. The pool is at a different location than I currently am, and so I would love to get a photo of the...
  12. I

    iAqualink 2.0 and Ubiquiti

    Been poking around the forums for a minute reading about everyone else's issues with the iAqualink IQ20 and thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. Our pool recently finished construction about 3 weeks ago. When our contractor got the controller up and running, he wanted to get the iAqualink on my...