1. P

    Not sure what to do!! Pool has been green for a week

    FC: 12 CC: 0 CYA: 45 PH: 7.8 TA: 100 Hardness: 125 Above ground pool, ~6900 gallons 14 inch Intex Sand Filter I used a TF-100 test kit My pool is green and has some sandy-like yellow debris at the bottom (I believe to be mustard algae). I have read the SLAM process and have been maintaining a...
  2. F

    Continued algae bloom

    We can clear the pool up and keep it that way for about a week making sure the chlorine stays at the right level and all but then it will go green. Any advice?
  3. J

    Cloudy greenish pool - New Pool owner

    Hello from south Alabama. We bought a house in the fall with a pool and I can’t figure this thing out. I found this forum a few weeks ago after a 4 inch rain turned my pool from clear to cloudy and green overnight. I ordered a TF100 and started using liquid chlorine (10%) and brushing daily...
  4. C

    New saltwater pool

    Hello! We have just bought a house and along with it, a 27,000 gallon saltwater pool with a vinyl liner. We are brand new to pools in general so any and all information is appreciated. Our pool is dark green and we have been vacuuming and scooping as much as we can. Our equipment seems to be in...
  5. goodyFH

    Cloudy pool, help!!!

    Backstory: Bought house with pool in January. Got it going good with yalls advise. I bought a stenner pump and a drum of chlorine. its been going good. I go on vacation last week, i thought i had plenty chlorine in the stenner but i was wrong. Got home saturday to a very green pool. I poured a...
  6. G

    Has anyone used quartzscapes cappuccino?

    I’m looking at using a light green finish and I liked what I’ve read about quartzscapes so far, wanting a smoother finish for young kids. Someone asked about this color in 2013 and didn’t get any bites so I wanted to see if anyone has used it since then and could talk about it or post some pictures.
  7. W

    Cloudy water

    New here. This is our fourth year with the pool, but this has been the most challenging year ever to get it clean and clear. We don't know what the heck is going on. I think we got behind on chlorine and are playing catch up. The pool has been cloudy with some green tint since opening it...
  8. T

    Same green start to season

    Hi all! Uncovered my pool I. May and it was almost clear but lots of leaves at the bottom. Winter cover had a rip in it. Filled to skimmer level and began to filter. Life got in the way and a week without attending to pool equals a greenish brown mess. There are so many little seeds, tree...
  9. Christy504

    Fresh fill, copper water(after review, it is iron) , what now?

    HI! Newbie here, I just filled my 15'x42" fast-set intex type pool with water. We live in the mountains of Honduras and the only water available to us is from a deep well. I filled the pool. Initial ph was under 6.8. I added the pool calculator's recommended amount of borax, then added...
  10. D

    Instant Green water before your eyes

    Hello all, first post here. I’m a new member as well as a new (to me) pool owner. My wife and I just moved to Olive Branch, MS and the house we bought came with a 15,000gal in ground, SWG gunite pool. Over the last few weeks of winter when we moved in, I learned which pumps/ lines control which...
  11. H

    Help! First Time Pool Owner Algae Removal

    I’m a first time pool owner and my pool was super dark green after opening. I have an above ground 18’ round 4’ deep and I can’t see more than about a foot down into the water. I have tried manually vacuuming as much as I can from the bottom but it is hard to tell what I’m doing since I can’t...
  12. Duskrider

    Re-Plaster happening, pool drained, algae in pipes... help!

    Hello TFP, What an adventure. We had our pool re-plastered last year because the original plaster was starting to scrape our knees. The company we used plasters one day, leaves the pool dry overnight, and then acid washes the next day before filling it. Not sure I'm a fan of that, but it's...
  13. chyr55

    I’m Tearing My Hair Out

    I have had algae now for the past three weeks. No matter what I do it won’t go away. My levels are all good but still green water. I’m almost ready to just close it for this season. I did talk to my friend at the pool store and his only suggestion was maybe a bad cartridge in the filter but I...
  14. P

    Pool Balancing help!

    Hi! So we just opened our pool 24 hours ago and despite winterizing, the pool was dark green. I started balancing chemicals and today I am getting pH 7.2 FC 5.6 CC 0.4 TA 70 Just added pH up. Water is cloudy, but blue with a hint of green. Shocked earlier this morning when pH was 7.4. Any...
  15. C

    Algae won’t go away!

    Opened the pool to find an extreme case of algae build up. Got the water tested and results recommended adding15 oz. of Soda Ash, wait 24 hrs. then add 4 lbs of Hardness Plus every 4 hours for a total of 28 lbs. After 24 hours from final Hardness Plus application measured the water again. Ph...
  16. G

    Second Ever Pool Opening, Green Monster This Time Around :(

    Hey all, So I this is my first time closing AND opening in succession... 2 autumns ago I had a pool store close the pool, then in Spring I opened it to see fairly decent/clear water! I closed the pool myself last fall (withOUT polyquat) and this Spring is... a different story! (Noooooo!)...
  17. D6B2F5C4-3BF1-4F97-8C3A-3CD614B5FBAE.jpeg


  18. T

    Cloudy/green pool

    I have a 22x52 above ground pool with a intex sand filter. I didn’t have it covered through the winter. I have scrubbed the floor/walls, got all the debris out I can, vacuumed the floor, and shocked it multiple times. The water started off dark green/brown. After shocking it, it turned cloudy...
  19. K

    Pressure Rising very fast

    My 72 year old (female) Friend had an algae problem caused by a broken pump motor and a lot of leaves. I replaced to broken motor, cleaned to DE Filter, got as many of the leaves out as possible without being able to see the bottom of the pool. I Shocked the pool and ran the pump until my...