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    Algae won’t go away!

    Opened the pool to find an extreme case of algae build up. Got the water tested and results recommended adding15 oz. of Soda Ash, wait 24 hrs. then add 4 lbs of Hardness Plus every 4 hours for a total of 28 lbs. After 24 hours from final Hardness Plus application measured the water again. Ph...
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    Second Ever Pool Opening, Green Monster This Time Around :(

    Hey all, So I this is my first time closing AND opening in succession... 2 autumns ago I had a pool store close the pool, then in Spring I opened it to see fairly decent/clear water! I closed the pool myself last fall (withOUT polyquat) and this Spring is... a different story! (Noooooo!)...
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    Cloudy/green pool

    I have a 22x52 above ground pool with a intex sand filter. I didn’t have it covered through the winter. I have scrubbed the floor/walls, got all the debris out I can, vacuumed the floor, and shocked it multiple times. The water started off dark green/brown. After shocking it, it turned cloudy...
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    Pressure Rising very fast

    My 72 year old (female) Friend had an algae problem caused by a broken pump motor and a lot of leaves. I replaced to broken motor, cleaned to DE Filter, got as many of the leaves out as possible without being able to see the bottom of the pool. I Shocked the pool and ran the pump until my...