green merky water

  1. M

    Green pool

    I’m at my wits end. When we opened the pool it was cloudy blue and my husband accidentally left the motor unplugged overnight. The water turned extremely dark green/brown. We have high iron and are on well water so we figured that was why and have been trying to treat it since. I had to shock it...
  2. cgabb5

    Need some advice.

    Experienced pool guy here. Typically no problems. But I cannot get this green hue gone. Been slamming for almost two weeks. Passing OCT nightly. But it’s just cloudy and has a green tint. Any thoughts?
  3. D

    Green pool. HELP!!!

    Hello, new to this and I need help! Put 3 gallons of bleach yesterday morning and 4 gallons last night. Vacuumed this morning but it’s still green. Post below are pics of this mornings readings. Help please and TIA.
  4. N

    Help! Greenest pool in the world!

    To preface my post, my pool wasn't covered over the winter and there are a ton of leaves in the bottom (or at least I think there are, I can't see it). I know, poor maintenance on my part but life happened and it is what it is. We have a 24' round pool about 4' deep throughout with a sand...
  5. T

    Help with getting rid of dirt/silt in my pool or refilling it

    Hi, My name is Theresa. I am new to this forum. I'm very frustrated. Well, so is my husband. We've had an in-ground pool for 18 years. The past couple of years it has been getting harder and harder to get it clean and clear. This year we are actually thinking of draining it completely, cleaning...