1. C

    What is the process of adding salt to a 32 x16 Intex pool?

    Do we need to wait to get in the pool a certain amount of time after adding? I have read to turn off salt water generator but turn on pump As you insert salt. The directions with the pool are confusing. Husband and I are terribly stressed. We have never had a pool and we seem to...
  2. dconnest

    How do i know if i'm generating Chlorine?

    Hello, First time posting, just joined. I have a 16x30 liner pool 6' deep end 14,400 gallons. pool and system is new only open 1 1/2 months last summer before it was closed for the winter. i live in Georgia. i've been having issues keeping the chlorine levels up. i have an Aquacal Autopilot...