french grey

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    Tile, Coping and Stonescapes

    Hello! I am restoring my old gunite pool. I am in the final stages on selecting tile. I am using NPT cobblestone and hope to pick a grout that is similar in color for a uniform look. I am leaning towards StoneScapes regular pebble French Gray. I like uniform and clean looks and lines. I like a...
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    Diamond Brite - Tahoe Blue VS French Grey

    Hello, We are struggling with the pool plaster selection. Going between the Diamond Brite Tahoe Blue and French Grey. Would love to see some pictures of both to get a better idea on color variations. Our deepest end of the pool is 9 Ft. We read about darker blue's are prone to showing...
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    New pool build

    Hi, Almost done with our first pool build and boy what a headache. I’m here hoping to gain some knowledge so I can pick a pebble color. We want zero green/teal/turquoise tint to the water. Hoping to achieve a very true blue. Leaning towards French gray (probably touch of glass to get it darker)...