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    Optimum Pool - Free form

    Good morning! My husband and I have been looking at the Optimum free form pool for a few weeks now. We met with an installer and received the quote from the dealer yesterday. The numbers look good and due to our yard, it seems to be the best option for us, but we can’t find many reviews...
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    Coping Overhang

    New in ground in CA - they just installed water line tile and when viewing result it's obvious that the coping tile overhang varies from 1/2" to 2"+ at various spots around the perimeter. It's a freeform pool with travertine coping which has been cut to match the pool shape. Unfortunately the...
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    Freeform pool with moss rock water features – Cypress, Texas

    I have been reading the forum since we started interviewing contractors but this is my first post. Construction on our pool started 2 weeks ago and it is starting to feel more and more real now. We have a decent size backyard but wanted to offset our pool some to keep the big side of the yard...