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  1. J

    High FC Loss during daytime

    Hello all, It's my second season of owning a pool and first season following the TFP method. So far everything has been going pretty well, everything is balanced, but the issue I'm running into is high levels of FC loss during the daytime. Below are my current test results: PH: 7.5 ALK...
  2. J

    Jack's Magic - False FC Readings?

    Hi all, I did the Jack's Magic "O2 Safe Shock & Stain Solution #2 Treatment." In the instructions, it says that the treatment can produce false FC readings for 3-4 weeks and that I should use the TC readings during that time. I'm fine with this, but want to make sure I'm doing this right...
  3. Chemingway4

    New to TFP (Kind of) Question about CH after Pool Refill (pool store didn't want to sale me anything!) and daily Chlorine loss

    I recently drained and filled my pool (3 weeks ago). The CH reading is 80ppm. I know that's low, but when I went to the pool store to get supplies, I was told not to worry about the CH as it would slowly rise over time. I thought it was odd that they didn't want to sale me anything, so I left...