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    faced or unfaced styrofoam boards??? Tongue and Grooved Okay? For Above ground pool

    Hello all , i'm trying to located xps board 1 inch styro foam board. I wanted to know if anyone knew if I should be using faced or unfaced styrofoam board. i'm looking into , pink, blue and green boards. Right now I'm only able to find this board, Does anyone know if this board would work for...
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    How to support AGP legs on foam boards?

    I am installing a 13' x 42" Bestway above-ground pool. I have leveled pavers (for the legs) and ground. I will be using 2" Owens Corning XPS Foamular 250 2 inches from Home Depot under the pool ($30/board). I am planning to use the same foam boards when I upgrade to a larger pool size in a...
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    New pool - best foam thickness and tape

    Hello - we are new pool owners. 27’ round above ground. Well, we are about to install it. I have read thru a lot of posts on here. We had a crusher dust pad laid yesterday. We are going with foam bottom. What thickness and what type of seam tape is best to use? Any tips for cutting the foam and...
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    Order of layers-foamular, rhino pad, tarp

    Hi. Im preparing the base for an intex prism frame 15 ft x 48 inch pool. I have a layer of limestone fines which has some rocks in it that are bigger than expected. I will do my best to remove them. I plan to run a plate compactor over this and will have the legs on pavers. I am hoping to avoid...
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    Types of Foam Board & Tape Under Bestway Metal Frame Pool

    Hey All - Getting the ground ready to set up our 14x48 Bestway Camo pool again. I had to order some pins from BestWay, but getting the rest of it prepared. Last year I used 1 inch Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) board under the liner, taped together with Gorilla Tape. It worked well, but I had 2...
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    Preparing For a New Liner

    I have a 15' x 30' above ground pool. The liner was removed several years ago and it went from being an above ground pool to an above ground planter. It filled with grass, weeds and tree saplings. I'm in the process of cleaning it out in preparation for a new liner. I have pulled all the...
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    Let's Play Guess The Mess

    I cant seem to rid my pool of this bubbly, foamy mess. I have not yet used my pool this year. I've shocked it a number of times. I've changed out the output hosses in case air was getting in there. I changed the sand in the sand filter. Could the foam be salt? If so, its never happened...
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    Ground Prep for Intex Pool - Nuances

    Hi folks I am new to the forums, please forgive me if this should be obvious. I am the lucky owner of a 15' x 48" intex prism pool. I've been scouring the forums to learn what kind of ground work prep I need before I set up the pool. Based on what I have read, this is roughly what I plan on...
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    Pool SLAM foaming

    Hey everyone! At the end of last year I had other things going on and let the pool get away from me a little bit, then made the horrible decision to just let it sit and fester over the long winter.. fast forward to two weeks ago, I had this nasty green pool you couldn't see half an inch into...
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    Uh oh... TONS of white foam on surface...

    OMG, this is a problem.... Here's what happened.... Last week went to pressure wash my pool lanai cage screens... pressure wash broken so I go this stuff "30 second outdoor cleaner concentrate" at home depot. Says OK around pools. Still not to try and get in. Anyway, blanket was covering pool...
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    Foam on surface!

    Hi from yet another pool gal with issues! White foam on surface, with some yellow (pollen?) tfc is almost zero. Other levels appear ok, thought hardness is a little low (topping off water levels from our tap, which uses a softener) what do I do?? Thanks for any help!
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    Ground prep new AGP

    I have a question from a DIY standpoint. My 22’ intex died from corrosion in the legs. Grandma decided to buy the kids a new 24’ steel sided 8” rail AGP. My ground is already prepped from earth standpoint from the previous pool, I just had to fix up the extra 2ft. Here’s the question, what...
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    bleach with Chloromax technology