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    Uh oh... TONS of white foam on surface...

    OMG, this is a problem.... Here's what happened.... Last week went to pressure wash my pool lanai cage screens... pressure wash broken so I go this stuff "30 second outdoor cleaner concentrate" at home depot. Says OK around pools. Still not to try and get in. Anyway, blanket was covering pool...
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    Foam on surface!

    Hi from yet another pool gal with issues! White foam on surface, with some yellow (pollen?) tfc is almost zero. Other levels appear ok, thought hardness is a little low (topping off water levels from our tap, which uses a softener) what do I do?? Thanks for any help!
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    Ground prep new AGP

    I have a question from a DIY standpoint. My 22’ intex died from corrosion in the legs. Grandma decided to buy the kids a new 24’ steel sided 8” rail AGP. My ground is already prepped from earth standpoint from the previous pool, I just had to fix up the extra 2ft. Here’s the question, what...
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    bleach with Chloromax technology