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    Adding a Fountain with a 2nd Pump - Thoughts/Recommendations

    So, this will be my 2nd year with this Bestway 16'x48" seasonal pool. Had the cartridge pump fail after 2 months and I replaced it with Sand filter pump and have had great success. Combined with learning water chemistry from this site, I have done well. Thank you all! I just purchased an Intex...
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    HELP! Flow Problem!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to TFP and to pool ownership. We purchased a home with an 30k gallon IG gunite pool 2 years ago (this is our third summer). Here is a quick run down of the first issue I want to tackle with this pool: Year 1 We swapped out the old pump for a VS-SVRS pump and had no issues...
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    Multiple Questions about Maintaining Older Pool

    Hello everyone! In the past year my wife and I purchased a home with a pool that I believe was built late 80s/early 90s. It has been a bit of a crash course learning how to care for the pool. Now I have multiple questions for the community to see if I can get some advice on what I should...