1. J

    Forgot to switch pump to recirculate when adding floc (sand filter)

    I'm trying to clean algae out of the pool. I added algaecide a day ago and just added floc to assist with the process of clumping the particles to the bottom of the pool. After pouring the floc I remembered that I was supposed to put the setting to recirculate instead of filter. The floc...
  2. J

    Post Floc, Still Cloudy-HELP!

    Hello guys. First post here. This is the second summer that I have had my pool. This summer has been a night mare trying to get the chemicals right. We’ve only swimmed in in once and I’ve had it opened for about 6 weeks. The chlorine will not keep. It hasnt gotten above 1 ppm if that. Most of...
  3. gregch

    Is it essential to use floc when opening pool?

    I've just done the spring pool opening process, and actually it was in good shape this year (no green water or green stuff round the edges this year!). Previously (having first netted out any larger debris and vacuumed smaller settled debris to waste) I've added shock chlorine to the water...