1. a–guy-with-a-pool

    Exposed rebar above skimmer basket

    Hi Folks, Moved into our current house in November; noticed a few weeks ago that there is a tile missing from above one of the skimmer inlets. With the tile gone, the rebar is rusted and exposed. As far as I can tell, it's been this way since we've moved in (I haven't found any loose tiles)...
  2. M

    Easy solar pool cover strap fix

    My solar pool cover straps have been a problem for years - coming unglued from the reel, and half of those stupid clips don’t work. Just fixed them all in about 30 minutes. To attach the straps to the reel, remove the Velcro sections and clean off old glue with a solvent and paper towel. I...
  3. R

    time sensitive - please help! DE FILTER CARTRIDGE QUESTION

    Hello pool warriors, I am planning a massive 4th of July party in my yard this week and ran into some serious trouble. 2 of the mesh liners of my DE filter cartridges (72 sq ft - 36 inchers) have 2-3 inch tears along the seams. I know that I need to buy a grid to replace these and can get on...