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    New Pool\Spa Return Fitting - Looks odd

    Hi All. We just had a pool remodel done at our home. Today, the pebble finish was completed. They installed return fittings in the pool and spa that I have never seen before. I am used to a threaded fitting that I can then screw an adjustable "eyeball" to. This fitting does not appear to be...
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    Question about stopping reverse water flow

    I have a typical Florida pool/spa setup. In the spa I used to have a water feature which I didn’t care for. It causes uneven flow back into the pool. It was screwed into the floor of the spa via PVC. I removed it and at night when the pump stops, the spa level drops by half. Is there a type of...
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    Removing booster pump

    Hello, I switched to a robotic cleaner and want to remove the booster pump for my previous pool cleaner that used a return. I am ok with cutting and installing plumbing but I wanted to get some expertise on what the best type of fittings to use as I dont see they are readily available at home...