1. Notauser

    How to remove filter plumbing for deep filter cleaning

    I have a Hayward 300lb sand filter with the multi port valve on top. When the installer put it and the pump in last year it looks like everything is hard plumbed in. I didn’t really notice until started sizing up how to do a filter deep clean in preparation for the season. So how can I deep...
  2. R

    Upgrading old equipment

    I'm planning to upgrade some of my older pool equipment this spring, looking for some feedback to see if i'm on the right path or if better options are available. Location: Central Indiana Use: We swim daily and like warmer water 78-82f. Pool Size: 18-38 oval inground, 4ft shallow to 10ft deep...
  3. S

    Polaris Alpha IQ+ cleaner picks up glass beads in the filter

    Bought the Polaris Alpha IQ+ robotic cleaner and I love it so far. It picks up leaves and debris quite well. Our pool has colored glass beads as part of it's finish, and I noticed that the cleaner picks up a few glass beads every time it cleans the pool floor/walls. Is this normal? The plaster...
  4. S

    Cloudy Water Coming Into Pool From Jet

    I had an issue with my pool this week. It had been a little cold over the last week so we weren't swimming. I had the cover on. I noticed a couple days ago the water was seriously cloudy. I shocked the pool and that did the trick. Pool is clear as can be now. All chem levels are reading good. I...
  5. RaleighDawg

    Oversize? SWG, Filter, Heater

    I read a lot of posts about over-sizing the SWG and filter when building a pool. We are about to get started and will be building a 21,000 gallon pool and i want to better understand what is considered oversized appropriately and what would be considered over kill. Our builder is showing a...
  6. starburst

    Sand / Particles in Pool

    This morning I found sand and small plastic particles in my pool, where they were located was right under a return in the shallow end. It looks like they were pushed out the return and landed right there on the pool floor. I do NOT have a sand filter. I attached a photo of the sand and the...
  7. M

    Can I limp along with no $ for repair?

    I (mistakenly) installed a cheap 18” sand filter and it is not compatible with my 2hp pump. On recirculate it works fine, but if I put it into filter mode it will over pressurize and send half of the water down the drain. Internally what’s happening is the multivalve on top of the filter gets...
  8. R

    Can I install 2 filter on my pool?

    Hi guys. I have an intex pool and upgraded the filter to the krystal clear sand filter a while ago. I’m Now upgrading my pool and getting a bigger one that comes also with a krystal clear sand filter. I was thinking of installing both of them separately on the new pool as it is quite large...
  9. F

    Filter housing cracked - should I upgrade the entire system?

    I have been using a Hayward EC-50 DE filter and a Hayward 3/4 HP pump on a 20,000 gal in-ground pool for 35 years. This system was installed by the original pool construction company. It has worked very well and has given me absolutely no problems. The filter housing has now developed a small...
  10. K

    Which filter! Need help ASAP!

    I am trying to decide the type of Filter to buy. I am learning towards to AQUAPRO 190 SQ. FT. CARTRIDGE FILTER SYSTEM. Any thoughts appreciated.
  11. E

    filter works?

    A week ago we bought from ebay a new 2500gph filter to replace the one that came with the pool. We intend to set up the pool for the summer in a couple of weeks. Is there a way to test the new filter if it is working without the pool?
  12. K

    Filter pressure in pool vs spa

    Hello, I have an inground pool with an associated spa. I am wondering if anyone has ever experienced the filter pressure tripling when the spa is isolated? This is a new issue so I thought I needed to backwash my system. After doing so, when I open all valves (pool and spa) or isolate the pool...
  13. lafonte98

    Running pump 24/7 with D.E. filter (Pentair FNS Plus 48sqft)

    Hello, I recently had my pool opened by my local pool company (the ones who installed it). They originally told me to run the pump for 23 hours a day and have it shut off for one hour. Since joining this forum, I was informed that makes no sense to stop it for only an hour after running for 23...
  14. northernpoolguy

    Equipment Replacement Advice

    Hi There, Hello from Toronto, Canada. I am looking to replace my pool equipment starting with my Sand Filter and my Hayward Super Pump (SP2607X10A). I have a very small kidney sized in ground pool 4000 USG (8 feet by 16 feet) that has 2 jets in the stairs (spa area) and 2 main jets. My pump...
  15. wedward

    Filter Storage & Swap Set

    I'm looking at getting a second set of filters for my C-4025, so I can quickly swap them out and get the pool back running, then clean the dirty ones in TSP/detergent, dry and store. I've searched around for any recommendations on storing the filters, and only see a few posts of people trying...
  16. Z

    Need Some Pool Plumbing Help/Advice

    Hello Everyone, I need some assistance with my pool plumbing. The original installer of this pool placed the filter way too close to the fence, it's literally up against it and it's very difficult for me to do any maintenance. I want to remove and reposition my Jandy valve so that it faces...
  17. CombatVet13

    First filter clean and SLAM!

    I went through my first SLAM, and first Cartridge filter clean since the completion of my first pool Opening Mid July. Had a pool party this past Sunday, and the following day, I noticed I was going through chlorine abnormally high. Water remained clear etc., but fearing there was something in...
  18. R

    time sensitive - please help! DE FILTER CARTRIDGE QUESTION

    Hello pool warriors, I am planning a massive 4th of July party in my yard this week and ran into some serious trouble. 2 of the mesh liners of my DE filter cartridges (72 sq ft - 36 inchers) have 2-3 inch tears along the seams. I know that I need to buy a grid to replace these and can get on...
  19. A

    Chlorinating and filtering above ground pool

    So our pool is about 9,000 gallons and our filter pump is 2500 gph. How long should we let out filter run and when is the best time? Also should I put the chlorine tablets in the skimmer or floater? And if I use the floater do I take it out of the pool when the filter is off? Sorry for all the...
  20. C

    What DE should be used or avoided with DE filters?

    What Diatomaceous Earth (DE) should be used or avoided with DE filters? I haven't found very helpful information by googling similar questions. I tried to use food grade DE in my DE filter and quickly learned that I should probably stick to the DE that is labeled is sold for pool filtration...
  21. T

    Hayward 200 Sand Filter

    I have a new dome gasket coming for my Hayward 200S. The filter is leaking after a sand replacement and reusing the old gasket. I've already removed the dome twice trying to fix leak with old gasket. My question is, has anyone supplemented the gasket before with a bead of silicone (think...
  22. A

    Flocculent help!

    Hi! After weeks of trying to make my green pool clear and after having the chemicals balanced for two weeks I decided to use flocculent. I have an oval 18 by 33 above ground sand filter pool and I put the flocculent in last night. The flocculent as of tonight has still not dropped to the bottom...
  23. Pump setup.jpg

    Pump setup.jpg

  24. swstealth

    Advice needed: 2 pumps (2 filters) one pool...

    Alright pool gurus, I'd like to pick your brains if I may... A couple of years ago we purchased an ancient Muskin 24' above ground pool and after lots of trial and error, mostly error ;) we were able to get the thing up and running. By the end of the first season the 150lb sand filter...
  25. K

    Pump not priming/holding prime

    Hello! My fiancé and I just recently bought a house with a large (26000 gallon) inground pool & we have never had any pools before. When we first moved in (in December ‘18) everything was running great but since March we’ve been having a lot of trouble with our filter/pump. When we turn the...
  26. J

    Hot Tub Filter Run Time

    Hi, My brother has just bought an Intex inflatable pureSpa. 795 litres. As the family “pool guy”, he asked me how long he should run the filter for. It’s a cartridge filter. I checked the manual and it does not mention an optimum running time, only to clean the filter every few weeks...
  27. M

    New Filter & Pump - 20x40 In-Ground 37,000 Gallons

    Hello Everyone, I am fairly new to pool ownership. My wife and I bought a house last year that came with a 20x40 in-ground pool (approx. 37,000 gallons). It came with a Sta-Rite Cartridge Filter and a 3/4 HP Hayward pump. We experienced some difficulties getting our pool from green at open to...
  28. akhil

    Polaris 360 Not Moving properly

    I recently cleaned the filter still the polaris filter is moving slowly. I changed the motor speed still it wont move properly. Any suggestions? Thank You!
  29. T


    I have an old Pentair DE filter. All the information has faded off the side. Its on its last leg but hoping to get through summer. Does anyone know which filter this is?
  30. M

    High Pressure on Hayward S244T Sand Filter

    Just bought a house with a pool, dont really know anything about this. The water is green, when the filter is off, it is at 40PSI, when on it goes up to 50-60 PSI, seems really high. I tryed to backwash but it still stays the same.