1. T

    Hayward 200 Sand Filter

    I have a new dome gasket coming for my Hayward 200S. The filter is leaking after a sand replacement and reusing the old gasket. I've already removed the dome twice trying to fix leak with old gasket. My question is, has anyone supplemented the gasket before with a bead of silicone (think...
  2. A

    Flocculent help!

    Hi! After weeks of trying to make my green pool clear and after having the chemicals balanced for two weeks I decided to use flocculent. I have an oval 18 by 33 above ground sand filter pool and I put the flocculent in last night. The flocculent as of tonight has still not dropped to the bottom...
  3. Pump setup.jpg

    Pump setup.jpg

  4. swstealth

    Advice needed: 2 pumps (2 filters) one pool...

    Alright pool gurus, I'd like to pick your brains if I may... A couple of years ago we purchased an ancient Muskin 24' above ground pool and after lots of trial and error, mostly error ;) we were able to get the thing up and running. By the end of the first season the 150lb sand filter...
  5. K

    Pump not priming/holding prime

    Hello! My fiancé and I just recently bought a house with a large (26000 gallon) inground pool & we have never had any pools before. When we first moved in (in December ‘18) everything was running great but since March we’ve been having a lot of trouble with our filter/pump. When we turn the...
  6. J

    Hot Tub Filter Run Time

    Hi, My brother has just bought an Intex inflatable pureSpa. 795 litres. As the family “pool guy”, he asked me how long he should run the filter for. It’s a cartridge filter. I checked the manual and it does not mention an optimum running time, only to clean the filter every few weeks...
  7. M

    New Filter & Pump - 20x40 In-Ground 37,000 Gallons

    Hello Everyone, I am fairly new to pool ownership. My wife and I bought a house last year that came with a 20x40 in-ground pool (approx. 37,000 gallons). It came with a Sta-Rite Cartridge Filter and a 3/4 HP Hayward pump. We experienced some difficulties getting our pool from green at open to...
  8. akhil

    Polaris 360 Not Moving properly

    I recently cleaned the filter still the polaris filter is moving slowly. I changed the motor speed still it wont move properly. Any suggestions? Thank You!
  9. T


    I have an old Pentair DE filter. All the information has faded off the side. Its on its last leg but hoping to get through summer. Does anyone know which filter this is?
  10. M

    High Pressure on Hayward S244T Sand Filter

    Just bought a house with a pool, dont really know anything about this. The water is green, when the filter is off, it is at 40PSI, when on it goes up to 50-60 PSI, seems really high. I tryed to backwash but it still stays the same.
  11. wedward

    First time cleaning filter on pool

    I've been managing my pool chem thanks to TFP & a SLAM, but am not sure my filter is cleaning out the dead algae and dirt very well. Just moved here last Fall, so I have no idea how old the filters are. They look fairly clean to me, but I am unable to remove them, so would love to hear from...
  12. S

    Filter "exploited"

    Don't even know where to start here. Well, see the pictures. Some background story: - Both the filter encasing and the cartridge not more than 3 months of usage. - Pool recently resurfaced (November 2018) - Big areas of decoloration after the 30-day curing process (proper chemistry kept and...
  13. B

    Plumbing and valves

    Hello! I am new here and new to pools. I have installed a pool and am ready for finishing the pool plumbing and valves. I have (3) returns tee'd together underground with (1) 2" stub up I have (4) deck jets all piped in 1-1/2" pipe with a loop system underground with (1) 1-1/2" I have (2)...