1. P

    Not sure what to do!! Pool has been green for a week

    FC: 12 CC: 0 CYA: 45 PH: 7.8 TA: 100 Hardness: 125 Above ground pool, ~6900 gallons 14 inch Intex Sand Filter I used a TF-100 test kit My pool is green and has some sandy-like yellow debris at the bottom (I believe to be mustard algae). I have read the SLAM process and have been maintaining a...
  2. S

    Baffled,: destroyed filter cartridges twice!

    Hi there, Admittedly, I do not know much about pools so I thought I’d ask you fine folks! We recently swapped out the sand filter for a cartridge filter for our pool. The cartridges all burst within the first week of installation and the pool became cloudy as a result. Thinking the cartridges...
  3. A


    Hello Is there such thing as light greenish cartidges particularly for pls 520? The cartidges were washed thoroughly and they still have a light green pine color. I would expect them to turn whitish color after washing.They are a year old. Also debris is still shooting out the jets. Been...
  4. T

    First time backwashing, did I do it right?

    Hello! I'm a new pool owner of a previously built in ground pool, ~17000 gallons. For the first 2 months we lived in the home, I hired a pool company to help take care of the chemicals and equipment so we could settle in. They cleaned our Hayward DE filter at the end of May/early June. They have...
  5. M

    Water draining from inground pool via filter

    To begin with, we have a somewhat rigged set up for our inground pool filter. The underground pipe from the sand filter that sends the filtered water back into the pool is broken. Rather than breaking up the concrete to replace it, we have it rigged with a large hose that leads from the filter...
  6. N

    Leaking multi port valve.

    Hey guys, In the beginning of the season in May I replaced the sand. All has been good until today. See attached video for where water is leaking when filter is on. What’s the best course of action?
  7. R

    Help me identify my pool filter, does it need replacement?

    I recently bought a house with a pool and spa and I'm a first time pool and spa owner. I've been reading some of the pool school articles and some of the posts in the forums. We are currently using the same pool service that the previous owners had, but I want to eventually take care of the pool...
  8. C

    Filter for water features constricting water flow?

    I am having my pool built right now. I have three 18" sheer arch water falls and two bubblers. All made by CMP. They have their own dedicated 1.6HP Hayward VS pump. I have a 2" main drain line that goes directly to the feature pump. Right now, there is no filter attached to my water feature...
  9. S

    Keep or replace filter?

    Hi all. I have a StaRite S8m150 pool filter on a 1hp pump, 30000 gallon pool. I’m having trouble with suction. Have tried cleaning filters (450 square foot filter media) and even did an acid bath. I get a temporary increase in suction. Sounds like the filter media needs replacement. Cost to...
  10. screendoorsubmarine

    Clamp Assembly stopped threading…just in time for 7/4!

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone might have a temporary fix to my clamp assembly problem. It stopped threading as of this morning. It’s a Pentair CCP320 filter. I tried using plumbers tape but no matter what I do I can basically pull the nut/spring right off the clamp bolt even half way...
  11. A

    Loss of pressure and cloudy water

    We have a 21' above ground pool with a hayward filter (SM2106T in case it matters). The filter is about 7 years old. I recall having a slight issue last summer with cloudy water that wouldn't quit and now upon opening we are losing pressure and the pump/filter combo seems to be running quite...
  12. stretchphoto

    Algae in That Little Window on the Filter

    Hey, folks. Hope everyone is well. Pool is doing awesome here in central Illinois. Can’t thank you enough for liberating me from the tyranny of the pool-industrial complex. Question: The little glass window on the pool filter is filled with green stuff… algae, I imagine. I don’t...
  13. C

    Help with pump and filter numbers

    I have a Hayward S180T sand filter. Is the design flow rate the maximum? I have a Hayward W3SP1580 Power Flo Pool Pump that was suggested to me by someone at a pool store. This pump is a 60 gpm pump. If the designed flow rate listed as 34 gpm does this make it dangerous. I have it connected by...
  14. C

    Pump and Filter help

    Hello. When we bought our house there was an above ground pool. It is a 24 foot round above ground pool. We used the equipment that was left. Last week our pump broke. It is so weathered that you cannot read anything on it. The guy at the store recommended I buy a Hayward W3SP1580 Power Flo Pool...
  15. A

    Air Lock on filter when backwashing

    I am new to this forum but I am having a weird issue that I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it. We have a retaining wall that holds up our back yard and it was a railroad tie retaining wall, we had it replaced with blocks. When the contractors did that, they ran a PVC pipe the whole...
  16. Oregonpool214

    Is this a filtering issue? Cloudy water

    Hi all - I’m kinda at the end of my knowledge here, so coming here to troubleshoot. I have balanced water, but my clarity isn’t great. In previous years, I’ve always had the “I can see the type of screw in my bottom drain” clarity, but I just can’t get there this year. After opening the...
  17. P

    DE wont coat the entire filter?

    Is it because it just cant handle the heavy dirt i try to vacuum? or is there some other thing wrong with it? It looks fine but could it be that the material is too old? I found it in my backyard, my dad had it since...well...i have no idea. Does too much dirt make it prone to falling off? Cause...
  18. H

    Help With Sand/Dirt Coming Back Into Pool

    Hey guys - wondering if you guys could help me figure out an issue I'm having with my pool regarding sand/dirt in the pool. Right now, I have to vacuum it once a week, which I know doesn't sound terrible, but that week is me waiting until it gets bad enough to where I need to vacuum it. There...
  19. T

    Bypass Heater- air bubbles coming out the jets

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out where I'm getting air bubbles in my system. I have a Hayward DE filtration system with a Hayward heater. Air bubbles are coming out of the jets. They are smallish bubbles. I have sealed and lubed the filter lid. I think it may be happening somewhere within the...
  20. B

    Help with overtightened pressure gauge - hairline crack on filter

    I'm very new to pool ownership. Help me Trouble Free Pool, you're my only hope. I've attached a picture that is hopefully worth a thousand words. When replacing the pressure gauge, I think I overtightened it because I noticed a small crack in the plastic where the gauge attaches to the filter...
  21. L

    Filter Jet Has Bubbles

    Hello everyone so I've just recently opened my pool and I've never had a problem until now. I have bubbles coming out of my pool jet. I've looked online and followed every tutorial from cleaning the skimmers, checking the orings, checking the pipes, checking the water level and letting the air...
  22. S

    High pressure low flow

    I was opening my pool and it was really bad algae as usual, so I ran the filter and after I got things fairly cleaned I did a backwash. I got lazy and didn't turn the pump off and just switched from backwash to rinse one or twice near the end. After that I started leaking water fairly...
  23. Pool filter crack.jpg

    Pool filter crack.jpg

    Large crack in pool filter
  24. S

    Water force from outlet jet reducing several hours after backwashing.

    Hey everyone, I have an above ground salt water pool system in place (Hayward). After opening up for the season have realized that after backwashing and rinsing the filter (S180T) that the outlet jet water force reduces after several hours of running and the pressure gauge on the filter starts...
  25. H

    Question about sand filter size and pool pump HP's

    Hey everyone, as you all know. the price of pool supplies/pumps/filters is on the uptrend. So, as our luck has it. Our pool pump (a cheap amazon knockoff 0.33HP 12 inch sand filter decided to go out on us 2 weeks after we started. So, our grandparents gave us their 1.5HP pump they used for a few...
  26. M

    Stem ORing

    I have a Pentair 6 port multivalve sand filter, 2 years old. Noted water coming out of waste line last week which corrected after moving valve position. Yesterday I backwashed and after turning valve back to filter, water started pouring out of top of filter where handle is located. I took the...
  27. B

    Aquatools AT3124 sand filter valve positions

    Hi, I have an old filter installed outside, and the sun has faded the ink on top of the valve. I can only see that Backwash is at the top position, I know Filter is at the bottom, and Rinse is at “40 minutes”. I was hoping someone could help me with the other 3 positions ? Thx.
  28. A

    Filter bypass for spa

    I have 3HP Inteliflo vsf pump, 420 cartridge filter, 400btu heater, ic40 & 7 jet spa plumbed to the filter pump (I know a dedicated spa pump is recommended). Can I benefit from having a filter bypass (bypass filter, heater, ic40) to generate more gpm for spa jets use assuming filtering & heat is...
  29. shaffe43

    37k gallon Pool. New Filter (Style and Size) and Pump Recommendations Please

    My old single-speed pump and 36 Sq Ft Nautilus NS DE Filter finally died last season. It is time to get new stuff starting this season. My pool specs are close to the ones from this thread: But that...
  30. C

    Have to replace. Sand vs. Cartridge

    My Hayward S200 sand filter is dead (Big crack). I've read a lot of forum posts and watched some videos, but just wanting to double check with my specific info in mind: I live in Minnesota. We're open, at most, 5 months. There is a lot of pollen, significant cottonwood cotton. Lots of leaves...