1. D

    Retaining wall / sheer descent placement questions

    Hi TFP, Brand new member here and plan to be a long time reader. We have a new fiberglass pool construction being planned for the winter. Our yard is sloped, and we are planning to replace these unused flower beds and (leaky old) garden fountain with the 12x27 San Juan "Biloxi" flat bottom...
  2. tank47

    South Jersey Fiberglass Install

    Been thinking about a pool for a couple years and finally got serious in April (admittedly late), met with some pool builders, decided we wanted fiberglass, narrowed it down and signed in June. Engineering, permits, and some other BS dragged this out and here we are finally in Oct with a...
  3. D

    Help - Dull ring around fiberglass pool water line

    Hi, Can anyone tell my what causes this dull ring around the water line of my fiberglass pool and how to get rid of it? The pool is just under 2 years old and I have this unsightly ring that I cannot get rid of. I can wipe the scum/oil off with a rag and it comes right off, I can see it on...
  4. F

    Help! Leak detection in a fiberglass pool.

    I have a leak somewhere in my plumbing. Plugged returns and no water loss. Unplug returns and fill over returns and I’m not losing water. Unplug returns and run the pump I start losing water. Water loss stops just below returns and skimmer. Can anyone give me any additional insight. Any...
  5. S

    Pool step repair

    We have fiberglass pool steps that had vertical cracks on all three treads. We had a local fiberglass repair guy come out and he put some type of adhesive epoxy down and laid a new thin tread over top of the cracks. However when he did this, he didn’t do a very good job and left our steps very...
  6. Clarissa4224

    Fiberglass Pool Hollow Shelf

    Hi. We had a pool installed seems like forever ago but it’s been a little over a year now. We went with Leisure Pools the Eclipse 30’ model. We’ve had our fair share of issues and it’s finally looking like we can see the light at the end of this very long and winding tunnel. Right now we...
  7. P

    New from Olive Branch, Mississippi (suburb of Memphis)

    Hi! So glad to have a found a forum to share advice and wisdom. We installed our pool last year (from February to September due to ridiculous levels of rain) and had few opportunities to swim in it without workers in the backyard. We chose a smaller 12,600 gallon Trilogy Axiom fiberglass...
  8. manoweb

    Vinyl vs concrete (or fiberglass)?

    I know this is probably a very old, debated, "abused" discussion. However, I am back to my house after a long time where I had to work in another area. I now plan to take several months off work and do projects around the house. My wife *demands* a swimming pool :D and asks about it every day...
  9. N

    Deciding on size of Tallman Pool

    I am having a difficult time deciding on 2 different fiberglass pool models, the Tallman Laguna at 14x32 and their Moroccan model at 16x35 with the shape being almost identical and will fit in our yard with no issue. The PB wants a difference of $5,000 with everything else the same between the...
  10. J

    Need help installing DIY Fiberglass Pool

    Hello, I have found places that sell fiberglass pools and a cheap price but its DIY. I dont know the first place to start to getting this done. Do pool companies install without it being their pool? Im in red oak tx 75154. Do anyone know who could install/excavate this fiberglass pool for my home?