1. L

    Quick Check Anyone? Gunite dig with piping and equipment

    Here are photos of our dig. If anyone has time to take a look and check that would be amazing. I have no clue what I’m looking at. We have a 15’x30’ pool with salt system, cartridge filter and heater. there is a photo of where some of the PVC is bent and some look like it has a slight almost...
  2. tyoung5ND

    What Equipment to Choose - New IG Build in Austin, TX

    Hi everyone, We are getting ready to sign the contract for our new in ground pool in Austin, TX. Pool is a bit on the smaller size (15' x 20', ~8000G) to keep enough yard space for the kiddos. The PB is strongly recommending the UV + Ozone but lots of reading on TFP has me leaning towards SWG...
  3. B

    Automated Water Chemistry Controller Advice

    Hello all... I was looking into purchasing the Pentair IntelliChem Water Chemistry Controller for my aboveground pool/spa combo. I wanted to see if anyone on this forum had any thoughts on the product and if its worth the cost and or a quality product. Currently, I go through about a gallon of...
  4. M

    Equipment 65 feet from pool water

    Hi, is there an issue with having pool equipment 65 feet from pool water? This is for a new build 18x36' inground steel frame vinyl pool. Would you suggest going with larger pipes than 1.5" do help with the longer distance? Thank you!
  5. F

    Need Help Identifying Winterizing Parts

    New guy here looking for help identifying the parts left behind by the pool company that winterized my pool. I inherited the pool for the last 6 weeks of the 2019 season so this is my first open. I have the pump drain plugs, filter drain cap, and sight glass figured out. There’s this odd shaped...
  6. C

    All new above ground plumbing.

    I am doing all new above ground plumbing and equipment. I have a few questions: 1. Should I put a check valve on all lines both suction and discharge or should I put a check valve only on my spa return and before my SWG? 2. Do you recommend any valves other than Jandy? Is there a great brand...
  7. northernpoolguy

    Equipment Replacement Advice

    Hi There, Hello from Toronto, Canada. I am looking to replace my pool equipment starting with my Sand Filter and my Hayward Super Pump (SP2607X10A). I have a very small kidney sized in ground pool 4000 USG (8 feet by 16 feet) that has 2 jets in the stairs (spa area) and 2 main jets. My pump...
  8. awpoll

    pool equipment list

    I have received my pool equipment list and I want feedback from you all. In reading on this forum it seems that a variable speed pump on the pool is the best pump. My PB called and told me that Jandy has been having issues with the VS Pumps which is why he recommended the Jandy FloPro 2.0...
  9. A

    New Spa - What would you select if you could design your system from scratch?

    Location: Southern California Type: In ground gunite Infinity Edge spa Size: 9' x 8' 3" Perimeter: 17' 4" Surface Area: 74.25 Sq. Ft. Volume: 1088 Gallons (Not counting surge tank) Water Weight: 9,074 Lbs. Initial Design Plans -...