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    Need Help Identifying Winterizing Parts

    New guy here looking for help identifying the parts left behind by the pool company that winterized my pool. I inherited the pool for the last 6 weeks of the 2019 season so this is my first open. I have the pump drain plugs, filter drain cap, and sight glass figured out. There’s this odd shaped...
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    Help! New House / Old Pool Complete Remodel Questions including new equipment and control panel

    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. Sorry for the long post. So I just purchased a new (to me) home with a 25,000 gallon pool which was built in 2001. The previous owner it seems did not take the best care of the pool, as there are: Multiple leaks in the equipment (mostly from the pool...
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    Rookie from Westchester

    Hello all New to site and forum here. I am from Westchester County NY, home of bipolar weather. I am doing some landscaping and clearing around the home. The missus and i are considering an above ground pool, which i'd like to deck around and match our existing wrap around deck to. Where is a...