1. bownut

    Several issues, but most alarming is electric current in pool

    I think the backstory is important here because it might answer a few questions. Last year we had our vinyl liner replaced and had lights installed in our pool for the first time. Our house was a foreclosure and the lights were one of the items that disappeared before we bought. I had noticed...
  2. J

    Lights will not turn on and mystery at the GFCI outlet by AquaLink RS

    Hi. I’m baffled. The pool lights will not go on. I hear a click in the AquaLink box. The GFCI outlet connected to AquaLink RS doesn’t give electricity to either plug. I replaced it....same issues. Voltage tester showed power. But test button doesn’t work. There is a PX100...
  3. K

    Wintertime electrical disconnect for in-ground pool pump?

    I have an in-ground pool with a 1HP Hayward Super Pump. It was brand new 3 years ago and last year, it started having intermittent trouble starting (hums and trips the breaker). I picked up a replacement start capacitor which should fix the issue for this season but I suspect that the reason...